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In-Motion Rail Car Scale Advances Industrial Weighing Operations

Apr 7, 2015 | | Say something

rail car loadIf you’re in a business that involves weighing heavy duty loads that are then distributed via rail transport, then keeping an accurate account of your freight can mean the difference between a successful company and a company losing revenue at every turn. This is why weight management is extremely important.

Industrial weighing operations are best managed with the utilization of a reliable rail car scale – a unique weighing system that will weigh rail car loads will assist in the management of those loads. Rail scales are weighing systems that will weigh loads while in motion on the train tracks is just intelligent business practice. Not only is it a convenient advantage, but it is an effective one. In contrast to regular weighing scales, in-motion weighing rail car scales are cost minimizing and huge time savers.

The system works in a portable or permanent fashion for the in-motion weighing of rail cars and locomotives. Embedded WIM algorithms in the weighing software and comprehensive design allow all rail assets to be weighed with accuracy. High quality grade materials are put in place to weigh the rail car’s load.

Here’s a video from one of the leading industry suppliers of rail weigh scale technology, Walz Scale:

Optimal Data Management

A key feature to the in-motion rail car scale is the advanced technology behind the management software. Being able to monitor the functionality of the scale, and managing the data collected is a major function of the software that comes with this particular form of weight management. Rail industry experts played a hands-on part in the incorporation of this software.

rail scale system

This means that this technology was imagined by the very people that would benefit from its use. These are the people that understand the urgent need to be provided with data that will make or break their business. Having a specific industry professional evaluate the needs of this particular business has made for a relevant and useful product.

Increase Throughput & Productivity

Verifying and balancing full car weighing is another reason this system advances the operation of industrial weight management. Increasing throughput and the rapid weighing of rail assets will help the bottom line. By eliminating the need to bring loads to a halt in order to weigh them, you in turn better your time management. Transported materials can continue on route and minimize the risk of being delayed, an occurrence that can be a negative impact on financial compensation.

Another cost effective feature is the portability factor. In as little as 30 minutes, axle rail scales can be installed and fully operational. The easy installation leaves out the need for track maintenance personnel. This of course is a major factor in the financial well-being of any industrial freight company.

rail car weigh scale unit

What can also be considered a cost saver is the fact that these rail weighing scales don’t have to be purchased for long term usage. Perhaps your needs are not ongoing. For customers who are only in need of a short term need for rail car weighing systems, rental units are available. This as-need option prevents the consumer from spending unnecessary increments of finance.

If you are an industrial professional that specializes in payloads, every dollar counts. Portable rail car scales provide accurate, real time, and reliable statistics that will help keep your business moving forward.