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New Triathlon Coaches Network Connects Athletes With Coaches

Aug 28, 2015 | | Say something

Triathlon is considered to be one of the hardest athletic disciplines in the world seeking enormous physical and psychical strength. Being a part of one competition requires extensive preparation and great relinquishment, and maybe even a triathlon coach.triathlon coaching network

Being strong and healthy are just basic factors you’ll need to achieve when you want to take part in this sport, having a good triathlon coach is what will turn you into a competitor. Your coach is the one person who will use its knowledge about the sport itself and you as a specific individual combining it in a winning formula. No matter which level you are on triathlon coaches for all of them is here, from heavy Ironman competitors to sprint-distance amateurs.

Finding the Right Coach to Meet Your Needs

Finding the perfect fit for you both personally and professionally is always hard but now you don’t have to participate an interview to find the one coach that you’re sure it will suit you. All you have to do is to visit the official website of Better Triathlete and check out the triathlon coaches network to find local and online triathlon coaches that suit your training style.

This website is dedicated to triathlon as a sport, in general, but from now on it will become one of the best network for both athletes and triathlon coaches. Well organized the page separated just for triathlon coaches will provide you every information you might need at the moment. You will also find coaching resources at the same place.

The number of triathlon coaches is rising every day, and within just a few clicks you can customize your search and find exactly what you might need. You can pick the state, region or a city you are based in and start looking at the resumes and availability of triathlon coaches near you. Also, coaches could find new partners or cooperation possibilities. Exchanging of knowledge never was easier.

A Reputable Network of Triathlon Coaches Throughout the U.S. & Online

Swim Triathlon CoachesNetworking between athletes and coaches has become the main objective of the website and it tends to improve with time. Besides the networking there an online triathlon coaching option as well. This will help connecting athletes with coaches from all over the world.

Aside from your personal trainer, you’ll be able to ask for advice from online triathlon coaches on the other side of the planet. Scheduling on these online classes is all done over the website’s server so you won’t need to invest much time in it.

In general website is done great, appealing to the eye and easy to go through its interface. You can get latest tips for all three disciplines, new techniques, advice for better rest and nutrition tips. Even if you are not a professional, but just a fan of the sport you could find much interesting news and stay up-to-date with everything that is in trend these days.

New era is here, supported with internet everything is possible. The endless research stops here and the way to your improvement is on palm of your hand.

Resources & FAQs for FQHC Billing & Coding

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Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) provide health care for under-privileged individuals within a specific community. For this reason, FQHCs often struggle with patient billing processes and getting timely payments for their health and medical services.

Below we share some information, resources, and FAQs to help these unique health centers optimized FQHC billing and coding practices for maximized revenue.fqhc billing process in work

First, what defines an FQHC?

A Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is a health facility which is defined by any of the following elements.

  • FQHCs receive grants under Title 42, Chapter 6A, Subchapter II, Part D, subpart i, section 254b of the U.S. Code (Formerly known as Section 330 of the Public Health Services).
  • A tribe or tribal organization operating outpatient health programs or facilities under the Indian Self-Determination Act that elects to be designated as an FQHC (Please see the program overview in the Tribal Health Program Provider Guide for more information.)
  • FQHCs receive grants referenced above based on the recommendation of the Health Resources and Service Administration within the Public Health Service, as determined by the secretary, to meet the requirements for receiving such a grant.

What special rules are there for FQHC billing?

Unlike other forms of medical billing, FQHC billing often includes special rules, including some of the following. fqhc biller in action

  • All related services performed on the same day by the same clinician or by the same provider specialty must be billed on the same claim. This includes any services performed during an encounter-eligible visit that are not encounter-eligible. For example, lab services performed at the same visit as evaluation and management.
  • An encounter-eligible service must be billed with the T1015 procedure code.
  • If reprocessing a denied service or a service that was not correctly included when the original claim was billed, the paid claim must be adjusted. If the original claim is not adjusted to add these services, the additional claim may be denied.
  • If a non-encounter-eligible service is billed and paid prior to an encounter-eligible claim submission for the same date of service, adjust the paid claim and submit the services together to receive payment.

When billing the encounter code, bill $0.00. For services eligible for encounter payments, the system will automatically pay the difference between the FQHC encounter rate and the fee-for-service amount paid. For clients in programs eligible for encounter payments, the agency denies Evaluation and Management (E & M) codes when billed without a T1015. When billing for services that do not qualify for encounter payments, do not use an encounter code on the claim form.

How do I bill for orthodontic services performed in an FQHC?

When billing for orthodontic services, FQHCs are required to follow the same guidelines as non-FQHC providers. However, orthodontic codes that are considered “global” and therefore cover a specific length of time are billed at the end of the time indicated – except for the initial placement of the device, which is billed on the date of service.

Because FQHCs are reimbursed by an encounter payment, they are allowed to bill up to the maximum number of encounters. An FQHC may bill on the date of the appliance placement for 1 unit and up to a total of 4 units during the first 3 months of the appliance placement.

If a clinic chooses to bill in this manner instead of waiting the full 3 months, the latest paid claim must be adjusted each time, and another unit added to the line containing the T1015 code. If the claim is not adjusted, the claim will be denied as a duplicate billing.

How do I bill for more than one encounter per day?

FQHC billing claimsThis is common question that many FQHCs ask time and time again. Such ambiguities can be best avoided when working with experienced FQHC billers. Each individual provider is limited to one type of encounter per day for each patient, regardless of the services provided except in the following circumstances:

  • The patient needs to be seen by different practitioners with different specialties.
  • The patient needs to be seen multiple times due to unrelated diagnoses.

Each encounter must be billed on a separate claim form. This is a common mistake made during the FQHC billing process. On each claim, to indicate that it is a separate encounter, enter “unrelated diagnosis” and the time of both visits in field 19 on the CMS-1500 claim form, or in the Comments field when billing electronically. Documentation for all encounters must be kept in the client’s file.

How do I handle crossover claims in an FQHC setting?

FQHCs do not receive an encounter payment when billing a crossover claim. The payment methodology for these claims is spelled out in the ProviderOne Billing and Resource Guide. Note that FQHC crossover claims will not exceed the co-insurance amount. They do not follow the same methodology as other claims.

FQHCs are required to bill crossover claims in the UB04/837I claims format. If Managed Medicare or Medicare Part C require services to be billed on a CMS1500/837P and they are paid or the money is applied to the deductible, FQHCs must switch the claim information to the UB04/837I format or the claim will not process correctly. These crossover claims must be billed to the agency using the Type of Bill 77X and the FQHC taxonomy for the billing provider.

5 Key Questions for Ecommerce SEO Site Audits

Aug 24, 2015 | | Say something

An SEO audit is an effective and revealing way to analyze a site’s potential, areas of weakness, and areas for improvement to achieve specific SEO goals and keyword rankings. For ecommerce sites, SEO audits are vital before embarking upon any SEO service program.

But before investing in or undertaking an SEO audit, what has to be asked? What areas should be focused on? What areas require the most improvement? These are a few questions to consider when performing an ecommerce SEO site audit to ensure you get the most out of it, and to ensure the areas which need improvement are reviewed upon.

SEO site audit

1. Low CTR or High Bounce Rate?

Reviewing top ranked pages to determine issues and performance lapses will help eliminate the potential of SEO lapses. A low click through rate (CTR) is a common problem sites have if pages aren’t properly optimized or meta-descriptions aren’t on point. These are foundational aspects of doing SEO audits for ecommerce websites as they reveal essential yet basic information that must be address for proper SEO to be established.

If there are content issues or speed problems, bounce rates also occur. Using Google Analytics allows you to:

  • Find average positions and CTR queries, as well as determine bounce rates.
  • You can also review titles, meta descriptions, load speeds, and other areas of concern on your site.

Exporting this information to an Excel spreadsheet then allows you to determine areas of concern, changes to be made, and issues which are causing site rate to drop.

2. Speed & Performance Issues

You have to review all pages on your site to determine speed issues. Site speed reports are available with Google analytics which will provide speed suggestions and insights, so you can improve upon speed and load rates. Yandex also offers load rate times, HTML load page, and other speed information pertaining to your site. You can further delve into mobile and desktop sites, to find out what issues might be causing slow load rates, in turn causing SEO issues.

3. High Traffic Queries?

If competitors are ranking in high traffic queries and your site isn’t, audit will tell you why. A competitive analysis will also look at high traffic trends in other countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, and other regions of the world. Analysis can also find missing opportunities your site isn’t cashing in on, you can in turn compare this information with that of competitors, to find out which changes to make.

4. Missing Internal Links or Only XML Sitemap

When the most important pages of your site aren’t being prioritized this will hurt your rank. These “orphan” pages aren’t properly linked, so can’t be viewed by visitors. SEO crawlers allow you to integrate XML sitemaps to inform you which pages can’t be found. From there you can properly integrate them.

5. More Search Visibility

Checking if you are ranking with the right format and pages is also an area audit will delve into. This allows you to identify potential missed opportunities, and pursue missed image and content being added to your site. From there you can prioritize development and changes to be made; there are even tools allowing you to view competitor pages, and their universal search visibility profiles.

SEO audits are a great way to determine what you are missing, what areas of concern are hurting rank, and which areas of your site should be modified. If you aren’t doing as well as you would hope through search engines, consider an SEO audit which will provide you with critical information, to help increase site rank. For more information on ecommerce-specific SEO site audits, visit to learn more.

Find Land Pride Parts Online With German Bliss

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For the past 74 years, German Bliss has been a trusted local dealer in Illinois for landscaping equipment, lawn mower, and replacement parts for a wide range of brands. While German Bliss’ local roots focus on helping farmers, landscapers, and common homeowners alike, the company has taken its parts business online and now offers one of the greatest selections of Land Pride parts, in addition to many other brands.

Land Pride Lawn Mower Parts

This accomplished online dealer promises parts from some of the most dependable brands in the industry, such as Befco, Gehl, Land Pride, and Bush Hog parts. German Bliss not only focuses on delivering the highest quality replacement products for your equipment; they guarantee punctual delivery of each product with the most unbeatable prices available on the market today.

New Easy-to-Shop Online Parts Store

German Bliss Online Parts StoreGerman Bliss has reached an exciting pinnacle in their long standing online parts business; they have now introduced a highly accessible online parts store so that the process of choosing and ordering new parts for your equipment is faster and simpler than ever before. German Bliss understands that time is money, and not a minute should be wasted, especially if there’s something they can do about it. That’s why utilizing their new online parts store will cut down on communication time, putting the order in immediately so it can be quickly processed and shipped right to your door.

If the replacement Land Pride parts you’re looking for is not available in the online store; don’t fret for a moment. German Bliss is capable of locating the product you need and immediately readying it to be delivered to you in timely fashion. In continuation with German Bliss’ longstanding tradition of top-quality part delivery without a longstanding wait; the new online store is dedicated to delivering you replacement parts for a plethora of landscaping equipment,such as highly specialized and hard to find Land Pride parts for all your heavy landscaping needs.

If what you’re looking for is top quality replacement parts for Land Pride mowers, seeders, compact drills, tillers and beyond; the new German Bliss online store will have you covered in a trusted, timely fashion.

Huge Inventory of Replacement Parts In Stock

The new online store is constantly being updated with the latest and greatest in landscaping replacement parts. German Bliss is devoted to expanding their respected and high quality-driven dealership through preeminent customer service and the fastest response time, so you will never be left waiting. German Bliss is comprised of humans too, so they recognize the importance of ensuring mistakes are covered in the utmost satisfactory manner. Therefore, if ever a mistake is made with the shipment of products, German Bliss will happily assume responsibility for all product and delivery costs.

Within the opening of their online store, German Bliss offers Kubota tractor packages with unbeatable cash rebates. These tractor packages deliver superior value and versatility as well as matchless productivity and economical prices to suit your needs. On top of that, German Bliss’ new online store features a seemingly unending list of used and rental equipment that has been meticulously inspected to ensure pinnacle quality and absolutely nothing less. German Bliss is thrilled to welcome their cherished and loyal customers to their online store with immense care and quality.

Vital Components to Postural Correction: How Well Is Your Chiropractic Program Working?

Aug 4, 2015 | | Say something

postural correctionChiropractic is an effective holistic health practice that involves the art and science of correcting misaligned vertebrae. By restoring normal spinal and joint function, chiropractic care can help in reducing pain, inflammation and swelling, all while improving mobility.

Optimum spinal health is the key to core strength and stability, good posture and biomechanics, and balance and coordination. Postural correction often demands more than just the occasional chiropractic adjustment to realize sustainable outcomes. Depending upon your case, your local chiropractor may choose one or more types of chiropractic treatments for postural correction.

Spinal Manipulation

Chiropractic adjustmentThis is the most common technique used to correct the spinal column. It basically involves alignment of the joints or vertebrae of the body using gentle but high-velocity short lever arm thrust to the affected vertebrae. Spinal manipulation is mainly for spinal joints, but can also be used in joints of upper or lower extremities.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Another commonly used technique for pain relief is soft tissue therapy. This deep tissue massage therapy involves applying of pressure with thumb or hand to produce a stretch, remove any adhesions and improve motion. It’s a great supplement to a chiropractic program for postural correction, but it’s not a substitute.

Interferential Current

This chiropractic technique involves passage of electric current through the pain affected areas. This low voltage current penetrates the deeper tissues and improves blood and nutrient flow to promote healing. During this procedure, the patient may get a ‘tingling’ sensation, or ‘pins or needles’ sensation in the affected area.

The Activator Technique

This technique uses a hand held instrument to correct any spinal misalignment. It is mainly suitable for children and elderly people. It is more effective as consistent, low force high speed thrust is applied to the affected area.

Ultrasound spinal health

This is one of the oldest techniques used in physical therapy to alleviate pain. The procedure involves use of ultrasonic waves to cause a vibration in the local tissues. Before the ultrasound probe is applied, ultrasound gel is rubbed over the affected part to facilitate the probe movement. The sound waves of ultrasound cause a local heating effect that promotes tissue relaxation by improving blood flow. Increased blood circulation helps in reducing local swelling and chronic inflammation.

COX Flexion Distraction

Another popular chiropractic therapy is COX flexion distraction. The therapy is mainly targeted at compressed discs of the spine. During this technique, the patient lies with face down on an examination table. The lower spine is gently stretched using multiple decompression adjustments. Distraction and flexion is a painless procedure, and is mainly used to treat injuries related to vertebral disc that involve back pain or associated leg pain.

Apart from the above discussed chiropractic techniques, there are several other methods (trigger point therapy, custom orthotics, drop table adjusting etc.) that provide pain relief. This form of comprehensive chiropractic care involves use of one or more techniques to provide relief. Your chiropractor will best decide which one is best for you.

As chiropractic care doesn’t involve administration of drugs to the patients, this form of treatment doesn’t involve any side-effects that are associated with drug usage. All the above mentioned techniques are safe, and are conducted by an expert and certified chiropractic only.

To learn more about comprehensive chiropractic care for spinal correction, visit:
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