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3 Brands Leading The Way For Rotary Cutter Technology

Sep 24, 2015 | | Say something

Finding the best rotary cutter can be a mountain to climb, especially given the high number of brands available in the market. While there are many brands and manufacturers of quality rotary cutters, only few are making strides in the research, development, and advancements in rotary cutter technology. Below, you will find the three leading brands of rotary cutters that will make your investment worth every dollar.

Bush Hog rotary cutter

Bush Hog rotary cutters are some of the best the industry. This is the Bush Hog 1812 Rotary Cutter, one of the most top-of-line options available.

Bush Hog Rotary Cutters

Bush Hog has built a reputation in the rotary cutter industry as having the most rugged, heavy-duty rotary cutters on the market presently. Anyone who has ever had a Bush Hog rotary cutter will bear witness that these units are designed and built to last and have won the reputation of being “tough on all grass”.

For almost five decades now, Bush Hog rotary cutter products have been the undisputed leaders in engineering innovations. The company has been producing only high quality machines but has found a way of keeping their costs down. They are therefore able to provide incredibly tough units at an affordable price.

The SQ84T series cutter from Bush Hog is one of the amazing products that the company recently launched. This rotary cutter has cutting widths ranging from 8-14 inches with a wide range of mounting options. It is heavy model that is suitable for pasture maintenance and heavy crop clearing. It is available in pull, semi-mount or lift. And because it’s a very popular rotary cutter on the market, it’s pretty easy to find replacement Bush Hog rotary cutter parts for this model when repairs are needed

Land Pride Rotary Cutters

Land Pride has grown into the undisputed rotary cutter expert since its establishment in 1986. The company provides you with rotary cutters whose advanced cutting systems go beyond all the features of other major brands in the industry. They therefore provide you with a safe, accurate and easy method of cutting.

Land Pride rotary cutter

All Land Pride rotary cutters are rugged, heavy-duty, productive and highly reliable. They are specifically designed for all the extremes of real world applications. It doesn’t matter what you are cutting, Land Pride has that rotary cut that meets all your needs.

The RCR 12 rotary cutter from Land Pride is among the best cutters that the company has to offer. It is economically priced and has the ability to cut 1’’-diameter material making it perfect for daily use in hobby-farm grass maintenance and small lots. It has a two position top link for an improved lifting leverage on even the smallest of tractors. You can also find replacement Land Pride parts easily online from a number of suppliers.

Servis Rhino Rotary Cutters

Servis Rhino is the leading manufacturer of cutters in North America. They offer a wide range of cutters which are categorized in to three groups: SE series (medium duty), TW series (Heavy duty) and the turbo series (super duty).

The SE series cutters from Servis Rhino are able to cut all natural materials up to 1” diameter. Each Rhino rotary cutter in this series comes with replaceable skid shoes. They are also installed with shielded drive lines to enhance safety functions.

Servis Rhino rotary cutter

The TW series rotary cutters from Rhino are designed to maintain orchards, pastures and other large areas that need regular mowing. Models available in the series include 3-point lifts and pull types. In short, opting for rotary cutters is sometimes better in the long-term due to their efficiency and ability to find replacement parts on the web. It can be hard to find Rhino mower parts and blades online, but with rotary cutters, sometimes it’s a bit easier.

Then there is the Turbo series that is comprised of super duty cutters. These rotary cutters from Servis Rhino are specifically designed for heavy industrial applications that require powerful rotaries. Some of the features in this category include free under-side decking area, double-layered decks and transport latches that make it easy and simple to move the cutters around.

New Dimensional Weighing & Cubing Scanners Provide Affordable, Turn-Key Solutions

Sep 21, 2015 | | Say something, the new supplier in dimensioning systems, offers a complete line of dimensional weighing and cubing scanner systems that are the ideal turn-key solutions for varying levels of customers spanning from national logistics warehouses to local shipping centers.

Dimensional Weighing Cubing Scanner

These dimensioning systems offers some of the most dynamic capabilities. Featuring in-motion cubing systems for conveyors as well as large freight and pallet dimensioning systems, not are’s solutions highly advanced, but most of them are turn-key systems that offer easy installation in most applications.

Seamless Integration

You can easily and quickly integrate these dimensioning and cubing scanner systems into any of your conveying systems in no time thanks to their industrial-grade design. So what are you waiting for? Visit the firm today and see for yourself what they have in store for you, and you won’t be disappointed at all. Reducing costs and increasing production has never been easier thanks to these turn-key in-motion cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment designed to automate your manifest and shipping system in no time.

Accurate Weighing Solutions

In-Motion Cubing ConveyorNot only they offer affordable, accurate dimensional weighing and cubing technology, but also dimensioning systems that have parcel weighing and dimensioning in real time. You can easily integrate these systems with your existing shipping systems, and they can measure the dimensions of a parcel thanks to this system right away. Moreover, these system work with Microsoft Windows so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve. As you can see, they have what you need so take this service into consideration today.

Automation Capabilities

If you have been looking to automate your shipping and warehousing operations with cubing systems and dimensioning, as these systems offer high weighing functionality and accuracy. If you have many demanding applications that require high speed operations, these systems are ideal solutions for you as they have been designed with these things in mind. You can easily integrate this cubing system into your conveyor systems quickly and easily, or you can also use it as a standalone solution if you want to.


As you will have the power of sourcing replacement components locally, you will be very happy with our dimensional cubing and weighing systems. These systems use off-the-shelf parts so that you can get any component quickly and easily. The firm has avoided using proprietary controllers so that you can get what you need fast, which is one of the reasons why their customers love them. And they also offer cubing for inbound and freight manifests in real time as well as high accuracy/high speed shipping applications.Pallet Freight Dimensioning Systems

And you won’t have any problems dealing with DHL/USPS/FEDEX/UPS services because their systems can seamlessly work with them at all times. If you want dimensional cubing and weighing systems that combine affordable pricing as well as reliable, efficient dimensioning into a single unit, look no further as this company has what you need. So call them today and get what you want. And these systems are very accurate because of their sensors, which have been proven to be very reliable.

If you own a distribution or shipping center, these dimensional cubing and weighing systems are the ideal solutions for your operations. To learn more, visit

Does Your Company Need Business IT & Computer Network Support?

Sep 3, 2015 | | Say something

Business IT and computer network support can be considered an obligatory part of organizations that depend on digital communication systems, computers, and online information exchange in their day to day operations. Here are basic considerations that organizations needing these types of services should to ask when researching business IT and computer network support companies.

Cornerstones to Business IT & Computer Network Solutions

First of all, organizations should look for IT consulting companies that have had prior experience with companies of similar size and in the similar if not the same industry. This will almost guarantee that the IT company can predict your company’s technology issues and needs, and more importantly how to solve them.Business IT computer network support

Organizations should also know beforehand if the IT company has relationships with any specific vendor that may hinder it to act against the best interests of the organization itself. An organization should also look for credentials to check if the company is certified in engaging in the work they are offering to do.

Checking the IT support consulting company’s portfolio where they show their past works and successes is also a proof of what the organization can expect to get from the IT services being offered. Even when the IT company seems like the right choice according to the above criteria, the organization should always check and personally call references to confirm that this is the case.

Also key to sufficient business IT and computer network support services, it’s important for the IT company staff to have good interpersonal skills so communication will flow swiftly between the two parties to ensure a successful end result. Last and definitely not least, the IT company should be known for its ethical code of conduct. An organization will be trusting its inner information to the IT provider which means that it has to hire only those IT consultants which have a proven record of ethical behavior.

Vital Systems for Optimal Business Performance

There are many systems and technologies that can improve an organization’s operations and overall business performance. Here are some of them: business it support strategy

1. The Cloud

The organization will have unlimited space to save its data in the cloud. This data will be protected by encoding and password management which will be supervised by the IT company.

2. Encryption

As a business IT facet to data protection and security, encrypted data is converted from an unsecured form to a secure one so only the party or parties that are supposed to have access to it when transactions or operations happen will have access to it.

3. Remote Support

An IT company will have remote support available for the client. Without needing to go physically to the organization, IT staff can solve many issues from their current location. This provides agility when solving any problem that may arise.

4. Network Access Control

This system is aimed at keeping hackers and malware from entering into the system. It protects both the network as a whole and each individual computer or system.

5. Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network allows communication only between the company’s staff. This is vital for many companies that depend on efficient communications on web-based interaction.

6. Data Backup Services

With IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, an organization can rent space for both security and backup to ensure documents and other valuable info won’t be loss in the case of a power down or a cyber attack.

Other Advantages to Hiring an IT Support Consulting Company

Along with optimal business functioning, an IT company can also help in reducing cost by means of sharing both hardware and software resources. An organization can also save in terms of salaries, employee benefits, and certain taxes when hiring an external IT company. Due to the vast experience an IT consulting company many have, deployment will be much quicker and a business can resume its operations faster in case of a technological emergency.