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3 Features That Define the Next Generation of Truck Scales

Dec 23, 2015 | | Say something

next generation truck scalesAs technology advances, truck scales are constantly under improvements. There are three specific features that define the next generation of truck scales. These are in-motion weighing, resilient design and construction, and software integration. Let’s look at what you can expect from this new generation of truck scales.

1. In-motion Weighing

In-motion weighing is not only an innovative feature, it is also a cost-effective option that will help you optimize your weighing processes. Weigh-in-motion truck scales improve efficiency for both you and truck drivers. In-motion weighing allows for the weighing of vehicles without the need of them stopping at a certain point. While they pass through a certain section of the road, they are weighed.

weigh in motion truck scales

The benefit of in-motion truck scales is that overloading is minimized. No truck will be able to avoid being weighed since the system is ingrained in the road. These types of scales are portable and can be installed in a few minutes. These advanced truck scales also measure the vehicle’s speed and the vehicle’s class. Once overloaded vehicles are kept off the road, the infrastructure is more protected and people’s safety in general is ensured to a certain extent. Collected data which is captured while the vehicle is in motion is very accurate making it an essential truck scale item that meets the highest of standards in the truck scale industry.

2. Resilient Construction truck scale weighbridge

A truck scale is worth nothing if it doesn’t withstand the trucks’ weight. For this reason, new truck scales are strongly built and are expected to last for many years to come. Truck scale manufacturers have to ensure the vehicles’ and the driver’s’ safety. For this reason, new and modern truck scales are built with top components making them a good investment in the long run. It will pay off many times over.

Some of the light-weight truck scales that are on sale in the market today are just as solid as permanent truck scales. What’s more surprising is that they can function in the harshest of conditions and have no need to be repaired. Calibration is also not needed. This shows the amazing resistance these scales have. They will be exposed to serious amounts of pressure, outside weather, etc. None of them will pose any risk for the scale’s survival. Most models are made up from either steel or aluminum.

3. Software Integration truck scale software

Gone are the days in which the data had to be collected manually. With truck scales featuring software integration, data can be saved and analyzed in no time. Data stored includes vehicle’s model, name of the driver, accumulated amount of total weighs, trucks’ serial numbers, data and time in which it was weighed, and other weigh records.

The usefulness of having software integration doesn’t stop there. Given that every process is automatized, monthly bills and payment can be sent or given easily to drivers who used the scale. All of this is known as a load management system. In short, the human labor component is eliminated making the process more economically efficient. Time is also saved as no manual info needs to be taken and no visual confirmation of the driver needs to be made.

All of these incredible features can be leveraged with truck scales offered by Walz Scale. To learn more about Walz Scale’s line-up of truck scales, visit

3 Home Security Systems Hot for 2016

Dec 10, 2015 | | Say something

home securityThe top home security systems have a sterling track record of protecting homes and their valuable assets. Unfortunately, many people in the US don’t address their home security issue until it’s too late-usually after a break-in. According to FBI, more than 1.9 million burglaries were reported in 2015, resulting in roughly $5.7 billion in losses.

Homes that are equipped with home security systems have shown to be 320 percent less likely to be broken in. To benefit from this powerful deterrent effect, let’s have a close look at the 3 top home security systems that are right fit for you and your family. These include:

  • LifeShield
  • Frontpoint
  • Livewatch


LifeShield boasts of one of the fastest response time in the industry. They’re connected to a monitoring station via a broadband Internet connection (through partnership with DirecTV). The best thing about this home security system is that you can install it yourself, depending upon your ability, availability and needs.

LifeShield goes much beyond other home security systems available on the market by providing you many layers of backup in case your power goes down at home or your home phone line is disabled. These are:

  • Cellular Network – You can use a built – in cellular connection as an additional layer of protection.
  • Broadband Internet – In case of emergency, you will be connected to a monitoring center within seconds using a broadband connection at your home.
  • Battery Backup – You’ll be immediately alerted when your battery is low, and it will keep your alarm system online for next 24 hours after blackout.
  • Land Line Phone – This security system also connects you through a landline in case your cellular and/or Internet connection goes down.

You also get local crime and data alerts and this will help you make a more informed decision about the level of your home security coverage. You have option of three packages that may vary depending upon the included equipment and your security system supplier. All of them include 24/7 professional monitoring, mobile app access, and fire protection.

For $29.99/month, you get 4 door and window sensors, a security base and keypad, a security touchpad, a motion sensor, a keychain remote and a fire safety sensor. At $39.99/month, you get 8 window and door sensors, two video monitoring enabled wireless cameras and an extra gigabyte of video storage. Their $49.99/month plan includes 8 window and door sensors, two video monitoring enabled wireless cameras, and an extra gigabyte of video storage.


FrontPoint uses 100 percent wireless and cellular technology and world class GE security equipment and comes with simple DIY installation instructions and is completely portable. Therefore, when you move, it can move with you.

FrontPoint home security system not only detects flood, fire and carbon-monoxide, but also any break in your natural gas line. This system has an ability to connect up to 39 sensors and even your mobile device, bringing security of your house into the palm of your hands. It’s “Crash & Smash” protection allows your control panel to immediately send alert signals in case of any burglar attempt to destroy it.

Frontpoint also offers geolocation service and can pause the recording of specific cameras when you’re in a certain area.

Frontpoint offers 3 plans to its customers. Their base protection plan is $34.99/month. Their Interactive Plan adds Crash & Smash protection, geolocation service, remote appliance and light control and comes at $42.99/month. Their $49.99/month plan includes live video stream, HD and night vision and motion activated videos and remote lock and thermostat control.


LiveWatch is one of the best home security systems that provides truly customized home security. It keeps the costs low by offering DIY installation and avoiding extra hardware.

LiveWatch offers industry’s best customer service and after initial 12 months, your contract automatically moves to monthly agreement without any termination fee if you decide to move away from their monitoring services. If you cancel within first 12 months, you will get a refund on purchase of any equipment.

LiveWatch offers 3 plans. Their $19.95/month plans includes Rapid Alarm resolution that allows you to alert your emergency contacts in case of an alarm and 24/7 monitoring. At $29.95/month, you get added Crash and Smash protection and mobile system control through smartphone. Their third plan at $39.95/month gives you home automation abilities, no show notifications and advanced security alerts (this includes bad weather, power failure and battery status).

To learn more about various home security systems, check out:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

7 Awesome Indie Films for Action & Adventure Enthusiasts

Dec 3, 2015 | | Say something

awesome indie filmsIndie films have proved time and again that producing great features does not require huge production budgets or grand studios. Every year, scores of great films made by independent film production companies receive wide acclaim at several film festivals worldwide. The following selections are seven highly-acclaimed indie films of the recent years.

Slow West

Slow West is a popular indie film starring Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ben Mendelsohn is an assured visual palette, and is a true western since 2010’s True Grit. The plot revolves around Jay, a young Scottish man who travels to the American West in search of his lady love, Rose Ross. Fassbender plays Silas Selleck, a ruthless bounty hunter employed by Jay for protecting himself. In a lawless land where only the ruthless can survive, the duo overcome many impediments before they find the girl.

Beyond Glory

Starring acclaimed actor Stephen Lang, Beyond Glory the film is set against the backdrops of the WWII, Vietnam War and the Korean war. The movie follows the heroic stories of eight Medal of Honor recipients. Produced by 8081 films, this indie film is one of the most anticipated independent films slated for release in early 2016.

It Follows

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows pays homage to the 1970s horror flicks, especially by making use of the 360 degree shots. The story revolves around Jay, who after sleeping with someone on a date is troubled by a supernatural entity which can turn into any form it chooses. The only way to pass the curse on is by sleeping with someone else. The movie brilliantly metaphorizes the youth sexuality with some truly chilling horror scenes.

Like Father, Like Son

This indie film won countless awards at international film festivals. The story behind Like Father, Like Son is about a father whose learns that his biological son was switched with another child soon after birth. Now, he must make a life-altering decision and choose between his biological son and the boy he raised. Like Father, Like Son features emotional scenes that are very touching and unforgettable.

Ex Machina

This sci-fi indie flick is about Caleb Smith, a programmer who is invited by his employer to test an android using artificial intelligence (AI). Ava, the humanoid robot, is so advanced that it develops an emotional bond with Smith and eventually convinces him to set her free. Ex Machina explores the concept of AI advancing to such a level that it can replicate the human emotions.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comedy-drama film features Ralph Fiennes in one of his most distinguished roles. Drawing inspirations from Stephen Zweig’s writings, the movie follows Monsieur Gustave.H (Fiennes), a concierge who teams up with his employee to prove his innocence after being framed for murder. Directed by Wes Anderson, the film received widespread acclaim and earned 11 BAFTA nominations.


The year 2014 saw Boyhood, an indie film, bag six Oscars. Filmed from 2002 to 2014, this movie shows the childhood and adolescence phases of Mason Evans, Jr’s life as he grows up in Texas. The audience get thrilled as they see Evans grow up from a child to a young man, while dealing with issues in every stage of his life.