3 Highly Advanced Axle Scales for Trucks

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axle scales trucksThere are different types of axle scales for trucks, but some are more advanced than others. Depending on the specific applications in which the desired axle scale is to be used, some operators prefer more comprehensive axle scale systems for greater efficiency, versatility, and in-depth data analysis. Below we delve into some of the most advanced axle scales for trucks that are currently leading the industry.

AXW-Series Axle Scales

This axle scale is designed and constructed to provide high accuracy and provide dynamic or in-motion weighing capabilities. It is a product of AgWeigh who are specialists in making scales.It is made up of 2 scale pads, digital weight indicators, rechargeable battery, a printer, axle capacity of 60,000 Lbs and ramps.

axle scale 60 ton

It is very unique since it is able to measure loads on a truck while it is in motion. One just need to drive on the scale at speed of around 3 mph and the scale takes the weight on each axle of the truck and then provide the total vehicle weight. Its integrated printer prints the results of each axle and the total weight.

This makes it very convenient and can be very effective in weighing bridges since the trucks don’t have to stop to be measured. It’s light weight aluminum design make it very portable which is an added advantage. It is a very advanced scale that guarantees a person high level of accuracy, durable and very dynamic.

AX-900 Axle Scales

The AX-900 Axle is another good axle scales for trucks. It is a product of Intercomp Company. It is more advanced to handle 100,000 Lbs. It has an accuracy of plus or minus 1%. It has in-motion weighing capabilities. Its main feature is the integrated wireless technology.

This particular axle scale is cable free operation makes it unique which is achieved by embedded radios thus achieving wireless communication to various devices. Therefore all the readings from a truck can be synchronized to another system could it be an ERP system in a particular company.

For example, if a company want to record the weights in an a database, the scale can communicate in a wireless way with a computer device and records the reading. However, it is flexible since the wireless functionality can be disabled and a cable is used instead. Therefore, it is a good axle for companies that value wireless devices and depend on gathering axle weight and gross total weight in a quick and accurate way.

AXHD-Series Portable Axle Scales

axle scale systemThis scale has also in-motion capabilities. It has a low profile design whereby it is constructed with a 5 inch profile height. This means the truck will access and exit the scale platforms easily. Some of its uniqueness include its heavy duty load cells that makes it very durable and provides superior performance. These load cells reduces the number of load cells required in every axle scale.

Addition key feature is its AX portable terminal which provides both the AC and battery power thus providing portability operation. Moreover, it has the ability to connect to multiple peripheral devices such as ticket printer and driver kiosk system.

This enables unmanned operation and weight data management at the axle scale site. It can be even integrated with an app on a persons smartphone for data management. This makes it one of the most advanced axle scales for trucks.

To learn more about advanced axle scales for trucks, or see some of these axle scale systems, visit www.walzscale.com/axle-scales. Here you’ll find a comprehensive selection of some of the most advanced systems for heavy-duty weighing.

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