Best Types of Educational Toys for Babies

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stuff animalsToys are one of a baby’s most influential means for creative and cognitive development. It’s the role of parents to be conscious about the th best toys for their growing babies. Through the right educational toys, babies can enhance and grow advanced developmental skills at young age.

The best toys for babies are natural toys that are safe and free of potentially harmful chemicals, educational, and fun. With these basic guidelines, what follows are a few of best educational toys for babies.


Natural Wood Blocks educational wood blocks toys

Wood blocks are perhaps the most basic yet constructive of educational toys, and they are one of the most versatile forms of wooden toys for children of all ages. Natural wood blocks are the perfect toy for babies. They allow babies to learn how to use fine motor skills by build shapes and stacking blocks with their two hands. They also encourage young children to use basic problem solving skills, planning, deductive reasoning, and counting.

wood stacking blocksOther educational uses for wood blocks are fitting them together to create shapes and objects. Wood blocks also help babies develop hand-eye coordination as they move and manipulate the blocks into various positions and objects. Block as are also versatile as the provide for great educational toys for individual play as well group-based play.

Blocks make for some of the best educational toys for babies because they provide a number of benefits as well as entertainment and engagement. Colored wood blocks offer the benefit of helping babies learn and recognize colors. But make sure to find natural wooden blocks that are colored with plant-based dyes.

Dolls & Stuffed Animals educational toys dolls

Kids have been playing with dolls and stuffed animals for centuries, and there’s a reason why. Dolls and stuff animals enable kids to tap into deep levels of imagination and creativity. Such toys allow babies to mimic and reenact the world around them through role playing and behavior recognition. Using dolls and stuffed animals, babies also explore their feelings and can develop emotionally and psychologically overall.

Similar to purchasing wood blocks, buy only dolls and stuffed animals made from safe and natural materials, such organic cotton and wool. As a general rule of thumb, always try to find organic baby toys when shopping for toys of any fashion. Through role playing with dolls and stuffed animals, babies can practice social interaction and develop linguistic skills such as listening and speaking to other children and adults.

Simple Puzzles for Babies

Educational puzzles made from wood and other natural materials are another great option for developing babies. Although seen as overly-complex for infants, puzzles can foster many different benefits for young children. As one of the best forms of educational baby toys, puzzles help to exercise the mind by challenging cognition and decision making while improving a baby’s problem solving skills and mental dexterity.educational puzzle toy

Educational puzzles for babies come in a complete spectrum of shapes, concepts, and themes. Some of the most common include puzzles based on colors, letters, numbers, food, animals, people, vehicles, and objects. Educationally themed puzzles for certain age ranges are best to help babies to grasp specific subject matter while enabling them to improve their understanding and awareness of the world around them.

As babies solve a simple puzzle, they actually used incredible mental capacity to think strategically while using creativity and intelligence solving the puzzle at hand. When accomplished successfully, young children cultivate a sense of achievement, confidence, and heightened self-esteem.

As a good parent, ensuring that you expose your baby to the best toys for child development is vital for their ability to thrive in the real world. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple with these educational baby toys that are safe, natural, and highly effective.

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