Inside “Beyond Glory” Starring Stephen Lang

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beyond gloryIn an amazing combination of theater and cinema, the film Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang begins his journey through the conflicting ideologies behind Korea, Vietnam, and World War II. As the multi-character lead role in Beyond Glory, Stephen Lang is able to change his character’s emotions in varied ways, portraying each one marvelously. Lang is able to reach deep into the feelings of pain but does a brilliant job acting out courage and fortitude in his roles.

Almost unheard of in the indie film scene, Stephen Lang was able to embody the persona of eight warriors in Beyond Glory. They were each a recipient of the Medal of Honor. Their stories are absolutely remarkable which makes them deserving of getting recognized through film.

Beyond Glory on the Big Screen

Beyond Glory’s director Larry Brand did an epic job creating a wide cinematic masterpiece which illuminates the characters’ stories. It resulted in a beautiful medley of theater and cinema consistently supporting each other. The film was based on Larry Smith’s best selling war chronicle, Beyond Glory (the novel.) It is superbly original and perfectly created for the ultimate cinema experience. beyond glory stephen lang

Beyond Glory contains oral histories of veterans involved in several war settings. It allows the characters’ voices to be heard without being conscious about the varied stigma involved around speaking your mind. Lang is able to portray all eight individuals with such precision. Most of the veterans featured in the film are unknown to the general public. Their extensive experiences are no less worthy of rediscovery. One of the most interesting stories in the film is about First Lieutenant Vernon Baker.

He is a world war veteran who took part in the all black Buffalo division who fought in Italy. His captivating story makes the audience understand how brutal and gruesome the battles were during the war. First Lieutenant Baker led his men to take a hilltop castle and the film made sure it had powerful and gritty details. The most sobering news is that none of the black soldiers received a Medal of Honor. The Lieutenant himself did not receive his until after the Army decided to investigate on the matter decades later.

Another great character in the independently produced film is Specialist Clarence Sasser who is an African American veteran. He was a medic during the war and his story recalls the horrors of experiencing a brutal slaughter which happened in a rice paddy in Vietnam. There were more than one hundred soldiers present there, but only about a dozen survived. His story talks about how the hardest part of it all was lying there with the extremely injured soldiers and hearing them beg for their mothers.

Produced by one of the fastest growing independent film production companies, 8180 Films, the film Beyond Glory, shows the courage of the men who fought bravely for their country. It portrays the combination of intense training, natural instinct, and the loyalty they have shown to their fellow soldiers. The characters featured have all survived the war. Some of them have disfigured bodies but their moral and psychological thinking is still intact. The film adaptation will leave audiences wondering about Medal of Honor recipients in today’s world and what really goes on when they’re in combat.

7 Awesome Indie Films for Action & Adventure Enthusiasts

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awesome indie filmsIndie films have proved time and again that producing great features does not require huge production budgets or grand studios. Every year, scores of great films made by independent film production companies receive wide acclaim at several film festivals worldwide. The following selections are seven highly-acclaimed indie films of the recent years.

Slow West

Slow West is a popular indie film starring Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Ben Mendelsohn is an assured visual palette, and is a true western since 2010’s True Grit. The plot revolves around Jay, a young Scottish man who travels to the American West in search of his lady love, Rose Ross. Fassbender plays Silas Selleck, a ruthless bounty hunter employed by Jay for protecting himself. In a lawless land where only the ruthless can survive, the duo overcome many impediments before they find the girl.

Beyond Glory

Starring acclaimed actor Stephen Lang, Beyond Glory the film is set against the backdrops of the WWII, Vietnam War and the Korean war. The movie follows the heroic stories of eight Medal of Honor recipients. Produced by 8081 films, this indie film is one of the most anticipated independent films slated for release in early 2016.

It Follows

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows pays homage to the 1970s horror flicks, especially by making use of the 360 degree shots. The story revolves around Jay, who after sleeping with someone on a date is troubled by a supernatural entity which can turn into any form it chooses. The only way to pass the curse on is by sleeping with someone else. The movie brilliantly metaphorizes the youth sexuality with some truly chilling horror scenes.

Like Father, Like Son

This indie film won countless awards at international film festivals. The story behind Like Father, Like Son is about a father whose learns that his biological son was switched with another child soon after birth. Now, he must make a life-altering decision and choose between his biological son and the boy he raised. Like Father, Like Son features emotional scenes that are very touching and unforgettable.

Ex Machina

This sci-fi indie flick is about Caleb Smith, a programmer who is invited by his employer to test an android using artificial intelligence (AI). Ava, the humanoid robot, is so advanced that it develops an emotional bond with Smith and eventually convinces him to set her free. Ex Machina explores the concept of AI advancing to such a level that it can replicate the human emotions.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a comedy-drama film features Ralph Fiennes in one of his most distinguished roles. Drawing inspirations from Stephen Zweig’s writings, the movie follows Monsieur Gustave.H (Fiennes), a concierge who teams up with his employee to prove his innocence after being framed for murder. Directed by Wes Anderson, the film received widespread acclaim and earned 11 BAFTA nominations.


The year 2014 saw Boyhood, an indie film, bag six Oscars. Filmed from 2002 to 2014, this movie shows the childhood and adolescence phases of Mason Evans, Jr’s life as he grows up in Texas. The audience get thrilled as they see Evans grow up from a child to a young man, while dealing with issues in every stage of his life.

Custom Neon Tank Tops: Make This Summer’s Music Fest Epic

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As summer approaches every year, temperatures rise and the weather welcomes those who have high energy for outdoor fun and activities. Many people get on with loosening and abandoning their winter outfits and start putting on clothing that look vibrant and awesome with less coverage. The refreshing feeling of tank tops and loose drab allows the body to breath, all while offering a new sense of style.

music festival tank tops

Besides, people spend more time outside with warmer temperatures to delight in various exercises in the fresh air. This is the time when people, especially music festival groups have the habit of using the summer to introduce more color and selection into their closets.

The perfect solution here is the vibrant and custom-made neon tank tops, which define and distinguish these groups in the most fashionable and fun way. Therefore, put on your creative attitude, and start thinking about how to integrate the exciting neon tank tops into your warm summer season closet.

Gear-up The Group With Neon Tank Tops

The most significant reason why people should turn to custom neon tank tops is that the charmingly adventurous fashion costume brightly complements the hot weather and allow people to express their personality.

On the other hand, in the case where people custom-make the neon tank tops for a special event or festival, it makes every member of the group to share the inspirational mood. For instance, when groups of friends choose to attend an electronic music festival and agree to adorn custom-made neon tank tops for the occasion, they will probably decide to tailor them with catch-phrases that capture the attention of other partygoers and onlookers.

Is Your Attire Rage-Worthy?

custom neon tank topsAccustom yourself with custom neon tank tops this summer to the most epic music festivals around the world, including Outside Lands (California), Electric Forest (Michigan), Greenfield (Switzerland), Nova Rock (Austria), and Orange Warsaw (Poland) among many others.

Strike a chord with this summer’s music fest and make it epic by designing custom neon tank tops for yourself and your future group getaways. Among the best places online to design custom neon tank tops, TheNeonSouth.com is the best place to get this exciting and fashionable attire. The reliable online store lets you come up with your dream custom designs while helping you fix them on one of the hundreds of assorted tank tops.

Besides uploading your preferred breathtaking design, the online company helps their clients design graphics and impressions, especially in circumstances where a buyer has concepts with no experience in design. With summer events like the epic music fest approaching, make your group stand out with their amazing designs.

Be a Trend-Setter With Custom Neon Tank Tops

The thrill about neon tank tops does not count on just having them, but also in the manner that their custom design match the wearer’s personality or the occasion specifically designed for it. The most important thing to do is describe to the experts the kind of tank top you need versus your personality or the occasion you have in mind.

This information goes a long way in bringing out your preferred style perfectly. The magic about custom neon tank tops proves that they appear cooler than they sound. With the vibrant and lively colors along with their fully customizable style and elegance, you could wear different outfits for every music festival this summer. With the creative attitude, that is both insanely unique and completely about you and your fashion intellect, visit the TheNeonSouth.com to help you design your custom neon tank tops, whether you want one for yourself or a couple for your group.