Summer Fashion Trends to Help Revamp Your Wardrobe

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One thing that is very close to a lady’s heart is fashion. The beauty of fashion is that with the rights guidelines, it is possible to look smashing at a very low price. The most important thing is to know what is trending in the world of fashion and from there play around with it to create a masterpiece.

Summer Fashion for Women


This way it is possible to give one’s wardrobe a new look from time to time without necessarily spending a fortune. So below are just a few guidelines to ensure that this summer your outfit will not only be trendy but also stunning and outstanding.

Trending Colors

neon tank topsGenerally in the fashion world, old fashion trends that made headlines several decades ago are re-emerging and making quite a significant fashion statement. Bold and conspicuous colors are very stylish today. This includes luminous shades of green, orange and yellow. The summer sun enhances them making the person wearing them look bright and colorful.

Neon tops the list of the a-must-have shades it was popular in the 60’s and is now back with a bang! For those who feel it over conspicuous, it can be blended with shades of khaki, jungle green or glacier grey to tone it down. Other cool colors for summer include mellow yellow, Lucite green, aquamarine and for the daring ones tangerine and passionate red will be a lovely choice.

Striped Prints

The good thing about stripes is that depending on the direction they follow, horizontal or vertical, they can create a body shape illusion. Another advantage of stripped prints is that they are plain yet elegant. So a nice striped dress could be worn to the office and also be ideal for a semi-formal get together. A new trick to spice up this look is by mixing the strips. For instance a blend of vertical and horizontal strips or even multi-directional.

Revamping Old Outfits

The good thing about summer wear is that one gets to get away with some of the major fashion crimes. When you mention the word summer the word beach lurks nearby. Now in some regions, the sun scorches mercilessly so to avoid major sunburns it is important to try and cover up when going to the beach. Denim cut off paired with an old and oversized shirt would be perfect for a swim suit cover up.

Floral Patterns Floral Fashion for Women

Before the men start complaining about being neglected this is actually for you. Floral patterns may sound cliché but you can never go wrong with this. They are perfect for a beach look or even an informal party. But when doing floral patterns it is important to always remember the golden rule, never ever mix two floral prints if you choose to do a flowered trouser do a plain shirt.

Summer Accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories especially for summer fashion. This is one season that is cheerful and full of activities and hence everyone ought to keep up with the cheerful spirit by being colorful and lively. Accessories, when done well, do a pretty good job of achieving the colorful look. Pendants especially vestige ones bring life to an otherwise plain outfit. Another trending style is the wooded accessories a nice wooden watch is cute and yet simple enough to be worn to the office. Finally a hippie’s accessory is totally allowed during the summer season. Due to their bright colors, they are ideal for beach parties and festivals.

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