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Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

May 27, 2016 | | Say something

strapping machine auto semi automatic Strapping machines make packaging an shipping much easier and automated for many different applications. With advancements in the technology for strapping machines and industrial automation systems, the marketplace have evolved to offer a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines.

These two types of strapping machines are ideal for certain types of applications. Therefore, it is important to know the differences between the automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines, and which applications are best for each type.

Determine The Desired Level of Automation

One of the primary differences is that the semi-automatic version requires someone to run it depending on the level of automation. This is because the machine needs to be controlled mainly using buttons so that it can work efficiently. The person controlling the machine will press the necessary switches when something needs to be packed and will also be the one controlling the number of items that will be strapped.

On the other hand, the automatic version can work even without anyone controlling it especially if it is fully automated. This is because the automatic strapping machines usually use sensors which detects when there is an item that needs to be strapped.

Strapping Machines: Speed & Size Matter

strapping machine strapack

Find strapping machines for sale, like the StraPack RQ-8, at WalzEQ.com.

Another significant difference is that the automatic version straps more items than the semi-automatic version over the same period of time. This is attributed to that the automatic version does not require to be controlled for it can work on its own. Therefore, there is no time wasted trying controlling it and therefore it straps more items.

This makes the automatic version ideal for companies and businesses that pack a lot of items which are significant small. This is because it would take a lot of time controlling the machine every time an item is to be strapped. The speed also makes the semi-automatic strapping machine ideal for strapping things which are relatively larger and do not require to be strapped in large numbers over a short time.

These larger units usually require being strapped more carefully and as a result the semi-automatic version is ideal since the person controlling it gets to see and control how the strapping is going on.

Cost vs. Performance vs. Maintenance

The semi-automatic strapping machines are also relatively cheaper than the automatic machines. This is mainly because more advanced technology is applied in the making of the automatic ones and as a result their price is higher. This applies even in maintenance where the automatic version requires higher level of maintenance to ensure it is running efficiently. Furthermore, the spare parts of the automatic version are also more expensive since they are more sophisticated.

However, the price and cost should not be a hindrance when it comes to selecting the most suitable version. This is because the choice should be made depending on the application. People strapping many small units should opt for the automatic version while those strapping relatively larger units should opt for the semi-automatic version.

5 Vital Strategies for Plastic Surgeon Internet Marketing & SEO

May 16, 2016 | | Say something

Plastic Surgeon Internet Marketing SEOPlastic surgeons need to define an Internet marketing and SEO strategy that will determine their success in the digital marketing age. While still relevant in certain contexts, traditional marketing is often expensive and hard to measure, making the Internet the most viable avenue to earn new patients.

To define the essential marketing principles for successful practice, here are five vital strategies for plastic surgeon Internet marketing and SEO.

1. Cultivate a Web Presence

Every plastic surgeon that hopes to run their business for the long term must cultivate a web presence. A website is the first step towards that goal as it creates a platform upon which potential patients can learn more about your business without physically visiting the practice.

It is important to invest in a good web designer who will be able to create a responsive (mobile-friendly) website that best represents your practice. This will help to give your brand a much needed online presence that will grant better tidings for you amidst cutthroat competition.

2. Claim & Verify a Google+ Page

A Google+ page is essential to a plastic surgeons’ SEO efforts in a number of ways. Once verified it allows a plastic surgeon to place a variety of content-informative and promotional-in a way that will lead to higher search engine rankings.

google plus seo for surgeons

It is the best place to start your local surgeon SEO campaign, and if done correctly, the use of Google+ is pivotal to increase the search visibility of your plastic surgery practice.

3. Request Positive Reviews from Happy Patients

Prospective patients will always look forward to hearing what other people have to say about your private practice. They trust the opinion of other patients more than any promotion material and it is up to you to solicit positive reviews from those you have served before.

Pleased patients will not hesitate to put in a good word for you at your request. These reviews should be posted on your website and social media pages to create a good impression about you. Positive reviews will help you garner new patients and increased profits in the long run.

4. Produce Content Consistently surgeon search content

With your website and Google+ pages up and running, what is left is for you to create content. Articles and videos are a good way to share your credibility and experience on social media and website platforms, and it also services as one of the most effective plastic surgeon SEO strategies. While some surgeons are able to produce this content themselves, many busy plastic surgeons outsource their content development.

While they are few and far between, some plastic surgeon SEO companies for content creation and marketing services for their clients. Optimized Surgeons is one of these practice who provides professional content generation for plastic surgery SEO clients. A good set of articles and informative videos consistently added to relevant pages will establish trust and credibility in your practice, with the intention that web traffic can convert into profitable interactions.

5. Share Relevant & Useful Content

As a plastic surgeon your target audience are not the same as those of a regular surgeon. It will not be as effective to engage your patients if you cloud your social media sites with information about general surgery and other broad subject matter.

Instead think about the specific needs of your target market, and develop and share content parallel with these needs. It might not be easy to develop content but that is where you can invest in professional service providers and work with them to generate accurate content for SEO purposes.

The Internet marketing strategies and tools that you choose could mean the difference in success of failure of your practice. A plastic surgeon needs to up their game if they wish to beat the competition at Internet marketing and SEO in order to gain customer loyalty that is not easily dented.

Top 3 Envelope & Address Printers from Pitney Bowes

Apr 8, 2016 | | Say something

Envelope & Address Printers Pitney BowesWhen it comes to finding the right envelope and address printers that will meet your mailroom requirements, it is important that you find a brand that will provide you with quality equipment that offers exceptional operational performance and ongoing dependability for many years of use.

Pitney Bowes is a brand that is well-known for both high-end and entry-level mailing machines and equipments for business. On the more premium end of the spectrum, below we profile three high-end envelope and address printers from Pitney Bowes.

1. Pitney Bowes Print+ Messenger Color Inkjet System

The Print+ Messenger from Pitney Bowes is one of the most high-end envelope and address printers from Pitney Bowes. This machine can increase operational efficiency by printing high quality, color text and images on envelopes within your mail inserter.

The Pitney Bowes Print+ Messenger Color Inkjet System is also capable of avoiding reprinting of envelopes, and reducing envelope storage needs. The Print+ Messenger is basically designed to cater for the demand of large production volume of mail.Pitney Bowes Print+ Messenger Color Inkjet System


  • Uses dye inks that quickly dry and does not require a dryer
  • Consistent printing quality for variable applications that does not interfere with your workflow
  • Has automated service that minimizes the need to have an expertise with the inserter work cell
  • Has workflow tools such as soft proofing, remote job layout and job mail merge support


  • Letter or flats for mailpiece size
  • Empty envelope for thickness minimum
  • 1 inch for thickness maximum
  • 4.25 inches for image height
  • Has print speed of 24000 for 10 envelope
  • 600 by 600 dpi resolution

2. Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Addressing System

The DA95f AddressRight Addressing System from Pitney Bowes is an advanced envelope and address printer machine designed for durability with high operational performance. The machine is easy to set-up and use in all your printing requirements.Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Addressing System

With handle thickness of up to half an inch, the DA95f AddressRight Addressing System allows one to increase mail piece thickness and greater flexibility. Easy sharing and transfer of files from the printer is enabled by the high speed USB and Ethernet connections. There is simplified and easier handling of media files by the durable slide mechanism. The machine can still be able to print USPS compliant bar-code with light mode printing on.


  • 30000 per hour printing speed
  • 600 by 600, 300 by 600, 150 by 600 printing resolution
  • 3.5” by 5” to 13” by 15.5”
  • 120 VAC 60Hz electrical requirement
  • Weighs 125 pounds
  • 750 copies feeder capacity

3. Pitney Bowes DA80f AddressRight Addressing System

Also from Pitney Bowes, and with a maximum printing speed of up to 22000 mail pieces per hour, the DA80f AddressRight Addressing System is designed to print bar-code, addresses and customized massages at a go. The system is capable of delivering precise imaging creation that increases profitability through operational efficiency and high response rates.Pitney Bowes DA80f AddressRight Addressing System

The Pitney Bowes DA80f AddressRight Addressing System can also work well with mail management software SmartMailer that can help you deliver important mail to your target clients without any errors. There is reduction in job time completion by up to 80% because of the quick head alignment.


  • 22000 copies per hour printing speed
  • 600 by 600, 300 by 600, 150 by 600 printing resolution
  • 3.5” by 5” to 14” by 15.5” media sizes
  • 18 by 17 by 18 size
  • Weighs 50 pounds
  • 120 VAC 60Hz electrical requirement

Depending on the nature of your business, you can always find the best mailing equipment at Pitney Bowes that will meet the needs and functionality of your mail-room. You should be able to get equipment that are cost effective in running your business and at the same time offer high operational performance.

4 Postage Machine Brands The Top Businesses Trust

Mar 23, 2016 | | Say something

While shopping for a new postage meter machine, you’ll probably take into consideration its specs and features that will meet your needs. However, businesses may overlook one of the most important factor: pinpoint a reputable and reliable brand of postage machinesneopost postage meter machine

Because postage meter machines are licensed and highly regulated, a few select companies will supply them. Below is a profile of four renowned postage machine brands that you can trust – authorized manufacturers providing a variety of postage machines for sale that sure to suit any business regardless of the size.

Pitney Bowes

With a rich history dating back to 1920, Pitney Bowes has continued to excel and design cost effective postage machines to businesses with the latest digital technology. It has a global presence in more than 100 countries serving millions of customers. pitney bowes postage machines

A company that began as a partnership between Arthur Pitney and Walter Bowes now seems to dominate the mailing solutions industry designing different models of postage machines with various unique features.

The smallest machine from this brand, the Mailstation 2 can process up to 18 letters per minute while the DM Infinity, which is the largest processes over 350 letters per minute.


neopost postage machinesNeopost ranks second globally as the most popular postage machine suppliers offering a wide range of quality machines for all types of businesses. They provide a variety of models that varies between 20 letters per minute to 15,000 letters per hour.

Neopost postage machines have unique features that showcase innovate technology. Their machines have ink cartridge units that can easily be changed without stopping the flow of mail and the mini indicia print mark whose function is to reduce the consumption of ink.

Moreover, Neopost equally produces letter folders and addressing equipment that help improve the efficiency of your postage department.

Hasler hasler postage machines

Hasler is a well-recognized brand producing hi-tech and cost-effective mailing systems that are made with high-quality materials. Whether your business needs to process high, mid or low volumes of mails, Hasler has a wide range of models like the WJ20, IM430, and the WJ PRO to meet any postage business requirements.

Neopost USA is the suppliers of Hasler Postage machines. The company additionally provides support services like consultancy, maintenance, financing and after sales to help increase customer satisfaction.

FP Solutionsfp solutions postage meter machines

FP Solutions ranks amongst the top 4 postage machine brands that began as two separate German companies, Francotyp and Postalia. The company mostly targets small and mid-sized businesses. They are highly acclaimed for producing technologically advanced and innovate postage machines that meet any business needs.

The smallest unit mymail 2 processes 17 letters per minute while their largest system, the centormail MAX 140 can handle up to 140 letters per minute, suitable for any busy office.

Final Thoughts

While there may be other brands out in the market today like Data-Pac, Addrex and Secap offering businesses cost effective postage machines, these four top brands rank in the top and equally produce high-quality machines in the competitive mailing solutions industry. However, finding the best item from these brands depends entirely on your business needs. It’s important to compare different offers from different brands before settling for a company that best suits your needs.

SEO Tools & Services to Maximize Value as a Search Marketing Provider

Mar 15, 2016 | | Say something

seo tools for the winSearch marketer and SEO professionals leverage a wide range of tools and services to bring value and intelligence to the services they provide clients. However, may search marketing providers remain stuck on which tools and services are essential, and which are redundant. Below are three SEO tools and subscription services that will maximize your capabilities and value as a search marketing provider.

1. Blacklink Analysis Tools

Blacklink analysis tools are important and very powerful to assess a site’s backlink profile for SEO. They allow you to analyze the incoming links from a specific page, assess the link quality, study the link building strategy of your competitors, and improve your rankings.

You can use blacklink analysis tools to scan the links from a particular page and get the important statistics in the graphs and pie charts. The report will offer useful information involving: seo backlink analysis tools

  • Incoming Links of the page
  • Domain authority and PageRank values
  • Diverse statistics about blacklink type, anchor text, and link quality
  • Followed and No-Followed links as well as Internal and External links

In order to help you evaluate your current link building strategy and discover which keywords you are more likely to achieve high rankings, a complete anchor text analysis is performed on the the links. This is also essential ensure proper SEO link building techniques and avoiding over-optimization penalties. These tools provide a complete analysis of blacklinks including the anchor text of the links, the No-Follow status, and the OBL number of each link.

2. Yext

Yext is a provider of a feature-rich Digital Location Management solution that helps you leverage location-based technologies to direct foot traffic into your local stores. Yext provides an integrated GeoMarketing program cloud that allows marketers to manage the local content, store pages, listings, analytics, and campaigns. The main features of this location management platform include Power listings, Pages, and Xone.yext for seo

Power Listing: Yext cooperates with the most established and well-known search engines, directories, maps, and apps across the globe allowing you to leverage direct connections to publishers in Global Listing Network to get found.

Pages: You can create and manage pages for your every location on your own website and mobile applications at scale. Pages from Yext are designed according to SEO and for worldwide content delivery with reliable performance to increase your search engine visibility on the web.

Xone: this feature enables you to put information about your stores at the fingertips of your mobile visitors. You can manage all your Xones and the beacons that power them from a central place: Xone Manager.

The best thing about Yext for SEO is that it cleans-up a business’ information (citations) across over 55 well-known directories and social sites. This is critical for Google local 3-pack SEO and ensuring top placement in these prized search results. Visit Yext.com to learn more about this valuable SEO service.

3. Rank Reportingrank tracking seo services

Rank reporting tools allow you to track search rankings easily over time for a greater insight into how your SEO efforts affect your keyword position across major search engine. The features of these tools include:

  • Web ranking overview
  • Safe queries
  • Competitor identification and tracking
  • Flexible Report view
  • Scheduled reporting
  • International Search Engine Rankings

Some of the best rank reporting software includes: Rank Tracker (part of SEO Powersuite) and Moz, which also offers a number of other solid SEO tools.

5-Point Local SEO Checklist for Surgeons

Mar 4, 2016 | | Say something

Search Engine Optimization is a method of setting up one’s online presence (website, blog, videos) to be best and most readily noticed and ranked by search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. In this article, the focus will be on search engine optimization (SEO) for surgeons trying to improve their search engine ranking in regard to their local area.

When you look up local businesses on Google, the results will display as what is now being called the Google local 3 pack. Basically, this is three elements of information about your practice that Google has chosen to display to its users. The main points of the information are location, website, and reviews. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to local SEO for surgeons.local seo surgeons

A Primer on Local SEO for Surgeons

One of the things that it is important to note regarding the local SEO for surgeons is that local SEO is dependent upon the geographical location of the person making the search. If your practice is not the closest one geographically to the searcher, it will not be the first one to show up in his or her results list. However, the user does have the capability to expand their search. So it is important that you follow the steps below in order to improve your local SEO and claim your place in the rankings alongside (or hopefully ahead) of your local competitors.

Claim & Verify Your Google+ Page

Google’s local search algorithm is influenced by Google+ Local, formerly Google Places. Because of this, Google gives some weight to local businesses and surgical practice’s Google+ pages.Google Plus

In order to get a Google+ business page you have to sign up for a Google profile. Once you have done that, you can click on the left-hand menu and find “pages”. From there, it is relatively self-explanatory to put together the page featuring your practice. After you have gotten this accomplished, you need to verify your page with Google. This entails the following steps:

  • Go to Plus.Google.com, and click “manage this page”.
  • Click “verify”.
  • Make sure the information is right. Google will send a postcard with a PIN number on it to the address specified.
  • Click “request postcard”.
  • When your postcard arrives, enter the PIN online at Google.com/local/verify.

Get Listed on Major Surgical Directories & Websites

This can be accomplished by searching for and going through the listing process for the individual websites that relate to the specialty of your practice. Taking the time to do this will build credibility for your local surgeon SEO strategy through links and citations

Optimize Your Website

Website optimization is a big job and is best left to someone or a company that specializes in this technical SEO component. However, it is an important part of getting your surgical practice noticed on local SEO, so it needs to be done. Website optimization has to do with the placement and frequency of your keywords along with tweaking the site for technical fluidity (for better crawling and indexing). We suggest a specialized company that offers local SEO for surgeons, OptimizedSurgeons.com.

Audit & Optimize Your Citation Profile

A citation represents the Name, Address, and Phone number information regarding your practice. It is important that you audit your citations (see what information is out there) and make sure it is all the same on various directories, social media sites, and other web properties. This is especially important to rank in Google’s local 3-pack. Tools like Yext.com will help you with this.

Create a Content Strategy

By publishing blog posts, videos, and the like on your site (and on key, optimized money pages), you can create greater “credibility” in your business, in addition to keep fresh content populating your web presence. Google’s search engine algorithm is geared to crawl and index sites that continue to offer fresh content. As a result, creating and employing a content strategy can not only help with our surgeon SEO strategy, but also increase the credibility, validity, and professionalism of your surgical practice.

Walz Scale: A Global Leader in Advanced Weighing Systems

Mar 3, 2016 | | Say something

Walz Scale is well-known as the world’s most reputable and reliable supplier of industrial truck scales and precision weighing systems. For over five decades, Walz has continued to offer best-in-class weighing solutions to various companies across the globe. walz scale truck scales

Additionally, Walz Scale is also one of the largest service providers for scale calibration and maintenance. The company offers a number of cutting-edge weighing systems, such as mining scale systems, load volume scanner systems, portable axle scales, and on-board truck scales and weighing systems.

Mining Scales

The mining scales allow high volume mining operations to efficiently and effectively leverage easy-to-use payload scale systems on mining operations’ trucks so as to deliver verifiable and precise weights. Further, it enables target payloads to be accurately determined and managed across the fleet of mining operations’ truck, thus, reducing operational costs while increasing production.on-board mining truck scales

Walz Scale offers mining scales in a variety of configurations to suit your fleet of haul trucks. There are also permanent as well as portable mining scales to meet the requirements of your site. Walz mining scales work with an advanced data collection and reporting functionality that allows mining sites to monitor and supervise their weight data over an existing wireless network.

Load Volume Scanners

The load volume scanner systems are another product from Walz Scale that are fast, accurate and easy to install and use. The load volume scanner system makes weighing extremely simple because it incorporates the best-in-class load scanner technology.load scanner

Though not considered as exactly a scale unit, Walz Scale developed the load scanner as an affordable alternative to heavy-duty truck scales. This is the perfect load scanner system for those searching for a cost-effective, yet efficient solution to calculating load volumes.

Portable Axle Scales

Portable Axle ScalesPortable axle scales are another easy weighing option provided by Walz Scale as alternatives to the larger truck scales. Hordes of farmers are turning to these portable axle scales because they help farmers to quickly weigh harvest loads. They are not just robust, these scales are also reputed for their incredible portability, and thus, they can employed in different locations.

On-board Truck Scales

Walz Scales also carriers on-board truck scales that make it possible for high volume weighing operations to track or determine the weights of their vehicles, thus, effectively eliminating the risk of paying overload fines. You can also rely on these on-board weigh scales for trucks as they are extremely durable. They come with a hydraulic pressure system, thus, guaranteeing precise measurement of weights.on-board truck scales

You can’t go wrong with the level of efficiency offered by these scales from Walz. They are also easy to install. This way, producers can do the installation without a hassle.

From the foregoing, there is no doubt that Walz Scale is the go-to company for onsite services, industrial truck scales, calibration, and many other weighing systems for retail, freight, shipping and many more.

Ranging from wheel weighers and heavy duty axle scales to floor scales and pallet jack scales, Walz Scale provides a broad range of top-of-the-line weighing solutions suitable for very many needs and applications. Be it agriculture and farming, or resource aggregation and waste management, the load management solutions that Walz Scale has surpass the expectations of many industry leaders.

Does Your Company Need Business IT & Computer Network Support?

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Business IT and computer network support can be considered an obligatory part of organizations that depend on digital communication systems, computers, and online information exchange in their day to day operations. Here are basic considerations that organizations needing these types of services should to ask when researching business IT and computer network support companies.

Cornerstones to Business IT & Computer Network Solutions

First of all, organizations should look for IT consulting companies that have had prior experience with companies of similar size and in the similar if not the same industry. This will almost guarantee that the IT company can predict your company’s technology issues and needs, and more importantly how to solve them.Business IT computer network support

Organizations should also know beforehand if the IT company has relationships with any specific vendor that may hinder it to act against the best interests of the organization itself. An organization should also look for credentials to check if the company is certified in engaging in the work they are offering to do.

Checking the IT support consulting company’s portfolio where they show their past works and successes is also a proof of what the organization can expect to get from the IT services being offered. Even when the IT company seems like the right choice according to the above criteria, the organization should always check and personally call references to confirm that this is the case.

Also key to sufficient business IT and computer network support services, it’s important for the IT company staff to have good interpersonal skills so communication will flow swiftly between the two parties to ensure a successful end result. Last and definitely not least, the IT company should be known for its ethical code of conduct. An organization will be trusting its inner information to the IT provider which means that it has to hire only those IT consultants which have a proven record of ethical behavior.

Vital Systems for Optimal Business Performance

There are many systems and technologies that can improve an organization’s operations and overall business performance. Here are some of them: business it support strategy

1. The Cloud

The organization will have unlimited space to save its data in the cloud. This data will be protected by encoding and password management which will be supervised by the IT company.

2. Encryption

As a business IT facet to data protection and security, encrypted data is converted from an unsecured form to a secure one so only the party or parties that are supposed to have access to it when transactions or operations happen will have access to it.

3. Remote Support

An IT company will have remote support available for the client. Without needing to go physically to the organization, IT staff can solve many issues from their current location. This provides agility when solving any problem that may arise.

4. Network Access Control

This system is aimed at keeping hackers and malware from entering into the system. It protects both the network as a whole and each individual computer or system.

5. Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network allows communication only between the company’s staff. This is vital for many companies that depend on efficient communications on web-based interaction.

6. Data Backup Services

With IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, an organization can rent space for both security and backup to ensure documents and other valuable info won’t be loss in the case of a power down or a cyber attack.

Other Advantages to Hiring an IT Support Consulting Company

Along with optimal business functioning, an IT company can also help in reducing cost by means of sharing both hardware and software resources. An organization can also save in terms of salaries, employee benefits, and certain taxes when hiring an external IT company. Due to the vast experience an IT consulting company many have, deployment will be much quicker and a business can resume its operations faster in case of a technological emergency.

Resources & FAQs for FQHC Billing & Coding

Aug 27, 2015 | | Say something

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) provide health care for under-privileged individuals within a specific community. For this reason, FQHCs often struggle with patient billing processes and getting timely payments for their health and medical services.

Below we share some information, resources, and FAQs to help these unique health centers optimized FQHC billing and coding practices for maximized revenue.fqhc billing process in work

First, what defines an FQHC?

A Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) is a health facility which is defined by any of the following elements.

  • FQHCs receive grants under Title 42, Chapter 6A, Subchapter II, Part D, subpart i, section 254b of the U.S. Code (Formerly known as Section 330 of the Public Health Services).
  • A tribe or tribal organization operating outpatient health programs or facilities under the Indian Self-Determination Act that elects to be designated as an FQHC (Please see the program overview in the Tribal Health Program Provider Guide for more information.)
  • FQHCs receive grants referenced above based on the recommendation of the Health Resources and Service Administration within the Public Health Service, as determined by the secretary, to meet the requirements for receiving such a grant.

What special rules are there for FQHC billing?

Unlike other forms of medical billing, FQHC billing often includes special rules, including some of the following. fqhc biller in action

  • All related services performed on the same day by the same clinician or by the same provider specialty must be billed on the same claim. This includes any services performed during an encounter-eligible visit that are not encounter-eligible. For example, lab services performed at the same visit as evaluation and management.
  • An encounter-eligible service must be billed with the T1015 procedure code.
  • If reprocessing a denied service or a service that was not correctly included when the original claim was billed, the paid claim must be adjusted. If the original claim is not adjusted to add these services, the additional claim may be denied.
  • If a non-encounter-eligible service is billed and paid prior to an encounter-eligible claim submission for the same date of service, adjust the paid claim and submit the services together to receive payment.

When billing the encounter code, bill $0.00. For services eligible for encounter payments, the system will automatically pay the difference between the FQHC encounter rate and the fee-for-service amount paid. For clients in programs eligible for encounter payments, the agency denies Evaluation and Management (E & M) codes when billed without a T1015. When billing for services that do not qualify for encounter payments, do not use an encounter code on the claim form.

How do I bill for orthodontic services performed in an FQHC?

When billing for orthodontic services, FQHCs are required to follow the same guidelines as non-FQHC providers. However, orthodontic codes that are considered “global” and therefore cover a specific length of time are billed at the end of the time indicated – except for the initial placement of the device, which is billed on the date of service.

Because FQHCs are reimbursed by an encounter payment, they are allowed to bill up to the maximum number of encounters. An FQHC may bill on the date of the appliance placement for 1 unit and up to a total of 4 units during the first 3 months of the appliance placement.

If a clinic chooses to bill in this manner instead of waiting the full 3 months, the latest paid claim must be adjusted each time, and another unit added to the line containing the T1015 code. If the claim is not adjusted, the claim will be denied as a duplicate billing.

How do I bill for more than one encounter per day?

FQHC billing claimsThis is common question that many FQHCs ask time and time again. Such ambiguities can be best avoided when working with experienced FQHC billers. Each individual provider is limited to one type of encounter per day for each patient, regardless of the services provided except in the following circumstances:

  • The patient needs to be seen by different practitioners with different specialties.
  • The patient needs to be seen multiple times due to unrelated diagnoses.

Each encounter must be billed on a separate claim form. This is a common mistake made during the FQHC billing process. On each claim, to indicate that it is a separate encounter, enter “unrelated diagnosis” and the time of both visits in field 19 on the CMS-1500 claim form, or in the Comments field when billing electronically. Documentation for all encounters must be kept in the client’s file.

How do I handle crossover claims in an FQHC setting?

FQHCs do not receive an encounter payment when billing a crossover claim. The payment methodology for these claims is spelled out in the ProviderOne Billing and Resource Guide. Note that FQHC crossover claims will not exceed the co-insurance amount. They do not follow the same methodology as other claims.

FQHCs are required to bill crossover claims in the UB04/837I claims format. If Managed Medicare or Medicare Part C require services to be billed on a CMS1500/837P and they are paid or the money is applied to the deductible, FQHCs must switch the claim information to the UB04/837I format or the claim will not process correctly. These crossover claims must be billed to the agency using the Type of Bill 77X and the FQHC taxonomy for the billing provider.

5 Key Questions for Ecommerce SEO Site Audits

Aug 24, 2015 | | Say something

An SEO audit is an effective and revealing way to analyze a site’s potential, areas of weakness, and areas for improvement to achieve specific SEO goals and keyword rankings. For ecommerce sites, SEO audits are vital before embarking upon any SEO service program.

But before investing in or undertaking an SEO audit, what has to be asked? What areas should be focused on? What areas require the most improvement? These are a few questions to consider when performing an ecommerce SEO site audit to ensure you get the most out of it, and to ensure the areas which need improvement are reviewed upon.

SEO site audit

1. Low CTR or High Bounce Rate?

Reviewing top ranked pages to determine issues and performance lapses will help eliminate the potential of SEO lapses. A low click through rate (CTR) is a common problem sites have if pages aren’t properly optimized or meta-descriptions aren’t on point. These are foundational aspects of doing SEO audits for ecommerce websites as they reveal essential yet basic information that must be address for proper SEO to be established.

If there are content issues or speed problems, bounce rates also occur. Using Google Analytics allows you to:

  • Find average positions and CTR queries, as well as determine bounce rates.
  • You can also review titles, meta descriptions, load speeds, and other areas of concern on your site.

Exporting this information to an Excel spreadsheet then allows you to determine areas of concern, changes to be made, and issues which are causing site rate to drop.

2. Speed & Performance Issues

You have to review all pages on your site to determine speed issues. Site speed reports are available with Google analytics which will provide speed suggestions and insights, so you can improve upon speed and load rates. Yandex also offers load rate times, HTML load page, and other speed information pertaining to your site. You can further delve into mobile and desktop sites, to find out what issues might be causing slow load rates, in turn causing SEO issues.

3. High Traffic Queries?

If competitors are ranking in high traffic queries and your site isn’t, audit will tell you why. A competitive analysis will also look at high traffic trends in other countries, including the Netherlands, Spain, and other regions of the world. Analysis can also find missing opportunities your site isn’t cashing in on, you can in turn compare this information with that of competitors, to find out which changes to make.

4. Missing Internal Links or Only XML Sitemap

When the most important pages of your site aren’t being prioritized this will hurt your rank. These “orphan” pages aren’t properly linked, so can’t be viewed by visitors. SEO crawlers allow you to integrate XML sitemaps to inform you which pages can’t be found. From there you can properly integrate them.

5. More Search Visibility

Checking if you are ranking with the right format and pages is also an area audit will delve into. This allows you to identify potential missed opportunities, and pursue missed image and content being added to your site. From there you can prioritize development and changes to be made; there are even tools allowing you to view competitor pages, and their universal search visibility profiles.

SEO audits are a great way to determine what you are missing, what areas of concern are hurting rank, and which areas of your site should be modified. If you aren’t doing as well as you would hope through search engines, consider an SEO audit which will provide you with critical information, to help increase site rank. For more information on ecommerce-specific SEO site audits, visit ClickCentricSEO.com to learn more.