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3 Long-Term Tips to Keep Your Spine Supple & Healthy

Jul 13, 2016 | | Say something

spinal healthThe spine is perhaps the most essential structural part of your body. It has several functions and faces constant demands regularly. In addition to its skeletal structure, the spine is composed of nerves, muscles and ligaments which serve as the core connection areas that help your body to function. Because of its key functions, it is necessary to maintain your spine in the best condition in order to maintain a good overall health. The following are lifestyles strategies that individuals can apply in order to maintain a healthier and supple spine.

1. Practice Proper Movement & Biomechanics

Movement and biomechanics are very essential components towards maintaining a strong and healthy spine. These may include running, jogging, swimming, Yoga, biking and performing chores at home such as cleaning. Movement and flexibility of the spine enhances normal functioning of joints and reduces risks of injury to the spine.

2. Create an Exercise Program

One specific exercise is performing back and abdominal workouts. The back and abdomen rarely get sufficient exercises from day-to-day routine. The back and abdominal muscles require toning so that they can support the spine and relieve tension from the lower back. Back and abdominal exercises are easy to perform and can be done for 20-30 minutes of a regular routine. better triathlete

Stretching regularly is also critical to the back and neck. The spine move in various directions and it should therefore be stretched in different directions. Tight hamstrings are normally significant causes of back pain. Tense hamstrings can pull the base of the pelvis forcing it to turn backward thereby causing change in posture and also increasing pressure on the entire spine.

Yoga is another exercise that offers great benefits to the spine. Regular Yoga helps to improve the movement across the entire body. It improves the flexibility and agility which are important in reducing the chances of persistent and spinal injury.

However, caution should be taken if you have back and abdominal problems as exercises may add pressure on your spine

3. Seek Professional Spinal Care

spine specialistConsulting with professional for spinal care can go along way toward maintaining a healthy and supple spine. A spinal professional can assist you to break apart blockages and maintain optimal spinal health, as well as steer you in the right direction to attain better spinal health.

If you’re dealing with a severe issue of the spine, perhaps the best course of action is to visit an orthopedic, or experienced spine surgeon. Many spinal surgeons are capable of fully-assessing your condition with X-rays and CT scans, and will often provide a number of non-surgical treatments and referrals before suggesting going under the knife. And if the need for surgery is recommended, consider all minimally-invasive spine surgical treatments first, as the process and recovery time will go much smoother.

Consulting a chiropractor is one of incredible ways to protect your spine. A chiropractor has the expertise to perform manual manipulation to streamline the vertebrae of the spine. This eliminates pain and support optimal healthy functioning of your entire body. The chiropractic care also strengthens your back and keeps it healthy which makes your body strong and healthy.

You can also consult an active release practitioner for massage. Massage has various therapeutic advantages as well relieving stress. A proper massage has an effect of releasing endorphins which not only enhances a feeling of pleasure but also act as a natural painkiller. Massage enhances blood circulation in your spine which increases relaxation and circulates healing nutrients in case of a back pain.

You may also consult a physical therapist (PT). This expert can help you to reduce pain and improve your spine without costly surgery and at the same time reduce prolonged use of prescription medicine. PTs can also teach you on how to prevent spinal injuries to help you achieve long lasting benefits. They can also develop fitness and wellness-based lifestyle strategies that can improve your spinal health.

3 Schools of Chiropractic on the Cutting-Edge of Health & Wellness

Mar 17, 2016 | | Say something

chiropractic schoolsChiropractic services have improved rapidly in the recent past. This is attributed to innovation and discovery of modern practices which are more efficient and effective than the ones that were practiced traditionally. This has led to more people benefiting from the schools which are less demanding but more effective.

When an individual is seeking a chiropractor, one can better pinpoint a suitable chiropractor by learning some of the most effective and well-known schools of the profession. Here are three modern chiropractic schools which have become significantly popular, mainly because of their advantages and efficacy.

The Pettibon System

The Pettibon System is a modern and unique school that works using weight and different pressure levels that are arranged around the body during the course of the day. The school helps correct the spine through strengthening muscles around the region. Different tools and systems are uses but for specific periods of time during the day to ensure the body will be effectively corrected after sometime.chiropractor

The Pettibon System was initially designed to ensure patients are able to participate effectively in their recovery. The importance of this is that for the spinal column to heal effectively one need to be active with a primary objective of ensuring the spine is arranged in the right way without worrying about the body being at risk of damages or serious injuries. The popularity of this system has grown significantly mainly because statistics shows it produces better results than most other systems.

Furthermore, the Pettibon System has been certified by professionals who have affirmed that it is effective and does not have negative side effects which are associated with some other systems. It is also simpler and less demanding that some other system which requires a lot of effort and resources. To learn more or contact a trusted practitioner, check out this Pettibon System chiropractor in Berkeley CA.

The Palmer System

The Palmer System is a particular chiropractic system has been there for sometimes but of late it has been improved where it takes a more modern approach. The system mainly concentrates on the body’s natural ability to heal itself from different kinds of problems, it works through physically adjusting the spinal column to help ease nerves and also help them from the daily tension that they are usually subjected to.chiropractic

The modern way of applying this system mainly concentrates on the nerves to ensure even after healing the body does not wear out and the patient will remain healthy for long periods of time. It also concentrates on the main source of pain rather than the top solutions which only reduce pain without eliminating it completely. People who prefer this system just needs to approach a professional who guides them and provides the necessary support.

Bloomington, Illinois-based chiropractor, Dr. Timothy Bly, has realized great success with clients under the Palmer System approach. He has been practicing this approach for decades and it has had profound efficacy on patients of all types. You can learn more about this Bloomington, IL chiropractor by visiting Bly Family Chiropractic.

Activator System

Activator System is another system which has the ability to effectively help patients and in the recent past it has been improved to make it more modern. In this system specially designed spring loaded tool is used to produce precise adjustment to the spine. This system is mostly used to deal with specific points instead of the entire spine.

As a result, the Activator System is more effective and the patients who use it recover within a short time because the treatment is able to emphasize on the particular affected areas. Therefore, the outlined schools of chiropractic are some of the most modern and most effective systems that are being used by many patients currently.

Vital Components to Postural Correction: How Well Is Your Chiropractic Program Working?

Aug 4, 2015 | | Say something

postural correctionChiropractic is an effective holistic health practice that involves the art and science of correcting misaligned vertebrae. By restoring normal spinal and joint function, chiropractic care can help in reducing pain, inflammation and swelling, all while improving mobility.

Optimum spinal health is the key to core strength and stability, good posture and biomechanics, and balance and coordination. Postural correction often demands more than just the occasional chiropractic adjustment to realize sustainable outcomes. Depending upon your case, your local chiropractor may choose one or more types of chiropractic treatments for postural correction.

Spinal Manipulation

Chiropractic adjustmentThis is the most common technique used to correct the spinal column. It basically involves alignment of the joints or vertebrae of the body using gentle but high-velocity short lever arm thrust to the affected vertebrae. Spinal manipulation is mainly for spinal joints, but can also be used in joints of upper or lower extremities.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Another commonly used technique for pain relief is soft tissue therapy. This deep tissue massage therapy involves applying of pressure with thumb or hand to produce a stretch, remove any adhesions and improve motion. It’s a great supplement to a chiropractic program for postural correction, but it’s not a substitute.

Interferential Current

This chiropractic technique involves passage of electric current through the pain affected areas. This low voltage current penetrates the deeper tissues and improves blood and nutrient flow to promote healing. During this procedure, the patient may get a ‘tingling’ sensation, or ‘pins or needles’ sensation in the affected area.

The Activator Technique

This technique uses a hand held instrument to correct any spinal misalignment. It is mainly suitable for children and elderly people. It is more effective as consistent, low force high speed thrust is applied to the affected area.

Ultrasound spinal health

This is one of the oldest techniques used in physical therapy to alleviate pain. The procedure involves use of ultrasonic waves to cause a vibration in the local tissues. Before the ultrasound probe is applied, ultrasound gel is rubbed over the affected part to facilitate the probe movement. The sound waves of ultrasound cause a local heating effect that promotes tissue relaxation by improving blood flow. Increased blood circulation helps in reducing local swelling and chronic inflammation.

COX Flexion Distraction

Another popular chiropractic therapy is COX flexion distraction. The therapy is mainly targeted at compressed discs of the spine. During this technique, the patient lies with face down on an examination table. The lower spine is gently stretched using multiple decompression adjustments. Distraction and flexion is a painless procedure, and is mainly used to treat injuries related to vertebral disc that involve back pain or associated leg pain.

Apart from the above discussed chiropractic techniques, there are several other methods (trigger point therapy, custom orthotics, drop table adjusting etc.) that provide pain relief. This form of comprehensive chiropractic care involves use of one or more techniques to provide relief. Your chiropractor will best decide which one is best for you.

As chiropractic care doesn’t involve administration of drugs to the patients, this form of treatment doesn’t involve any side-effects that are associated with drug usage. All the above mentioned techniques are safe, and are conducted by an expert and certified chiropractic only.

To learn more about comprehensive chiropractic care for spinal correction, visit:
Bly-Hillman Chiropractic
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Striking a Balance With Chiropractic Care & Other Healing Practices

Jun 12, 2015 | | Say something

If you have ever heard of chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, massage, physical therapy etc, then you must have also heard that they are some of the most effective natural healing practices in the world. Today, most health practitioners, particularly chiropractors, are increasingly incorporating complementary and alternative medicine techniques for treating a wide range of ailments and disorders. While more research about these healing practices remains to be done, numerous studies have begun demonstrating their effectiveness. holistic chiropractic care

Chiropractic is the largest form of alternative medicine and it focuses specifically on the diagnosis and treatment of the mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system especially the spine. The treatment is strongly encouraged for people with such disorders as it is believed that they affect general body health through the nervous system. Although there is a variety of treatment approaches used by chiropractors, spinal stimulation, also known as spinal adjustment or chiropractic adjustment, is the most common treatment used on patients.

The main purpose of these spinal simulations is to restore joints mobility by manually applying a controlled force into an individual’s joints that have become hypomobile (restricted movement) as a result of tissue injury. The main goal of a chiropractic spine specialist is to align the spine in order to restore mobility, and loosen the muscles, thus allowing the tissues to heal and the pain to subside.

Primary Intentions of Today’s Chiropractors

According to the numerous studies conducted, chiropractic is used by a large percent of people to treat a wide range of ailments musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders, including pain in the neck, lower-back, neck, arms, legs, joints, head, and other general health issues.

While chiropractic is an effective treatment method that is widely use across the globe, numerous studies have found that incorporating other healing practices such as acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation and other practices can actually help promote greater healing, overall body health, and improved well-being.

Increase Efficacy of Chiropractic With Other Treatments

For individuals seeking chiropractic care to treat various ailments, chiropractors combine the use of spinal adjustments with several other famous treatment therapies and approaches. When used together, these treatments are effective for faster healing and improvement of body function. Patients who undergo massage therapy, which basically involves manipulation and rubbing of the body tissue of both mental and physical relaxation.

Those incorporating physical exercises such as yoga, meditation, reflexology, infuse physical activity, osteopathy, and other exercises obtain mental, physical, and emotional benefits as they stimulate and manipulate the structural balance of the body. Acupuncture is also most effective especially when used together with chiropractic as it mainly involves stimulation of specific points on the body to help ease chronic pain and reduce depression.

Other practices such as aromatherapy promote relaxation by use of essential oils. Aromatherapy is also effective in reducing pain, anxiety, depression, and is used to treat infections or inflammation. Other healing practices that are beneficial when used with chiropractic include biofeedback, balneotherapy, and acupressure among others.

Benefits of Incorporating Other Holistic Healing Practices

The benefits of incorporating other healing practices with chiropractic include:

  • Improved body function
  • Improved life-quality
  • Stress/depression/anxiety reduction
  • Improved posture

Health practitioners also recommend incorporating proper diet with these healing practices. Chiropractic side-effects include temporary headaches, tiredness, and discomforts in the parts of the body that were treated. If you are thinking about seeking chiropractic care, you should consult your healthcare provider starting the treatment for proper evaluation.