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Classic Takes on Custom Cycling Jerseys & Apparel

Mar 29, 2016 | | Say something

There’s trend across many areas of fashion and design that revive classic and vintage styles on modern apparel. Cycling jerseys are no exception, and many individuals, cycling teams, and organizations are seeking custom cycling jerseys that have a classic, retro take on moments and eras of the past.

While there are many places to find both custom and classic cycling jerseys, Retro2Ride.com is one of the best. They showcase a wide selection of cycling jerseys the embody historic bike races, notable eras and generations, as well as cultural icons and movements. To get you inspired and shed light on this unique company, here are three classic takes on custom cycling jerseys and apparel from Retro2Ride.com.classic-cycling-jersey-ciclocross-custom

1965 Ciclo-Cross Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey (Men’s)

This classic cycling jersey is the symbol of the celebration of the 1965 World Ciclo-Cross Championship. Between 1950 and 1966, the championship was open to the professionals and amateurs. The 1965 World championship was held in Cavaria, Italy. The winner of this championship was Renato Longo. He was the five-time world champion and the winner of the 230 Professional ciclo-cross races.

This jersey is made of ultra soft euro-mesh fabric that ensures maximum comfort. It comes with thirty plus SPF UV protection. Some of the other features are three rear pockets with reinforced stitching, vibrant and dye-sublimation that maintain the original color after many washes. It comes with an air through mesh that offers maximum breathability. Other facilities are quick dry technology, moisture wicking, and hidden and full-length YKK brand zipper. The price of this classic cycling jersey is $84.99.classic-cycling-jersey-schlafly-custom

Schlafly Kolsch Sleeveless Cycling Jersey (Women’s)

The Saint Louis Brewery has more than fifty unique style of the beer. This classically-influenced custom cycling jersey represents a unique style of the beer. The gold color symbolizes the color of a crisp Kolsch beer itself. The green circle in the background has come from the neck label.

This custom cycling jersey from Retro2Ride.com offers you comfort as it is prepared by an ultra- soft euro-mesh material. It uses developed technologies to ensure maximum comfort and longevity such as quick-dry technology, moisture-wicking, and air through mesh. It also comes with three rear pockets with reinforced stitching. You can wear it comfortably even in the summer since it comes with thirty plus SPF UV protection. Its vibrant color and dye-sublimation printing will remain the same even after a long use. The price of this custom cycling jersey is $84.classic-cycling-jersey-cataluna-custom

1943 Cataluna Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey (Men’s)

While the world was at war in 1943, bicycle racing continued on in Spain. This classic cycling jersey is the symbol of the September race that went down in history. The official poster of the Spanish road race, illustrated by Pallares and the source of the jersey’s inspiration, captures the essence of the race.

Like any other custom cycling jersey, this jersey ensures the maximum comfort. The fabric of this product is ultra soft euro-mesh. You can wear this jersey in any season as it comes with thirty plus SPF UV protection and it has air through mesh side panels that offers maximum breathability and stretching. Some other features are quick dry technology, moisture-wicking, and three rear pockets. It is durable and it maintains the original color and quality even after a number of washes. The price of this classic cycling jersey is $84.99.

All the custom cycling jerseys from Retro2Ride.com are made of almost similar materials with some common features. You just need to buy the one depending on your requirements. You can get different colors and designs, but when it comes to the materials, all of them offer maximum comfort.

3 Unique Yet Casual Cycling Jerseys from Retro2Ride

Feb 25, 2016 | | Say something

Finding the right cycling jersey that suit your needs and preferences can be a arduous process. This is because there are so many different cycling jerseys to select from, whether offline or online.  retro2ride casual cycling jerseys

Cycling jerseys come in so many different colors, styles, and designs, sometimes it’s hard to find something unique, but not over-the-top flashy and logo-fied. If you’re looking for unique yet casual cycling jerseys, check out these three jerseys available at Retro2Ride.

Smokey the Bear Cycling Jersey

Many are familiar with Smokey the Bear, the iconic animal that survived the historic wildfires of New Mexico. Now the mascot to prevent wildfires, you can rep the Smokey Bear cycling jersey every time you ride.Smokey the Bear Cycling Jersey

Unique but still casual enough for all occasions, this cycling jersey is suitable for many conditions with its euro-mesh fabric and high performance composition. In essence, the Smokey Bear cycling jersey has been intricately tailored for riders who are looking for the most comfortable wear with outstanding softness and comfort. The Smokey the Bear cycling jersey is made of high quality materials for rapid drying as well as moisture wicking. Apart from rapid drying, the jersey come with the protective material, which can protect riders or cyclists from the UV radiations.

Smokey jersey is fitted with a long zipper that is concealed and offers the necessary cooling at the end of the day. It also has three pockets which are large enough to store a variety of items. With its light weight, Smokey the Bear is ideal for riders of all ages.

NASA Cycling Jersey

If you have been searching for riding jersey that embodies space exploration, then look no further than NASA cycling jersey. The graphics of the NASA emblem were designed as one of the most notable symbols that reminds every American about the revolutionary advances in the modern space age.Nasa Cycling Jersey

Many people love the NASA cycling jersey,  not only because it’s unique and casual, but also because it comes in different sizes and styles, such as men’s and women’s, long-sleeve and short-sleeve. The NASA cycling jersey also has a full length zip that makes the jersey easy to put on or even used to let in fresh air during harder sessions. The NASA cycling jersey is made of durable and lightweight material that wicks sweat away fast so as to keep you dry and cool. Moreover, the collar is high and tight to fit you perfectly without being constricting.

Paris Roubaix Jersey

The Paris Roubaix cycling jersey at Retro2Ride commemorates the former French pro cycling team, Alcyon. The team was operated by Alcyon from 1906 to 1955, which was a French bicycle, motorcycle and auto manufacturer. During the team’s active racing career, it won the Tour de France numerous times.casual cycling jerseys

This cycling jerseys is no doubt one of the most unique, yet also has a very simple and casual look and feel. To see this design and other casual cycling jerseys and apparel, visit Retro2Ride.com.

Custom Neon Tank Tops: Make This Summer’s Music Fest Epic

Jun 12, 2015 | | Say something

As summer approaches every year, temperatures rise and the weather welcomes those who have high energy for outdoor fun and activities. Many people get on with loosening and abandoning their winter outfits and start putting on clothing that look vibrant and awesome with less coverage. The refreshing feeling of tank tops and loose drab allows the body to breath, all while offering a new sense of style.

music festival tank tops

Besides, people spend more time outside with warmer temperatures to delight in various exercises in the fresh air. This is the time when people, especially music festival groups have the habit of using the summer to introduce more color and selection into their closets.

The perfect solution here is the vibrant and custom-made neon tank tops, which define and distinguish these groups in the most fashionable and fun way. Therefore, put on your creative attitude, and start thinking about how to integrate the exciting neon tank tops into your warm summer season closet.

Gear-up The Group With Neon Tank Tops

The most significant reason why people should turn to custom neon tank tops is that the charmingly adventurous fashion costume brightly complements the hot weather and allow people to express their personality.

On the other hand, in the case where people custom-make the neon tank tops for a special event or festival, it makes every member of the group to share the inspirational mood. For instance, when groups of friends choose to attend an electronic music festival and agree to adorn custom-made neon tank tops for the occasion, they will probably decide to tailor them with catch-phrases that capture the attention of other partygoers and onlookers.

Is Your Attire Rage-Worthy?

custom neon tank topsAccustom yourself with custom neon tank tops this summer to the most epic music festivals around the world, including Outside Lands (California), Electric Forest (Michigan), Greenfield (Switzerland), Nova Rock (Austria), and Orange Warsaw (Poland) among many others.

Strike a chord with this summer’s music fest and make it epic by designing custom neon tank tops for yourself and your future group getaways. Among the best places online to design custom neon tank tops, TheNeonSouth.com is the best place to get this exciting and fashionable attire. The reliable online store lets you come up with your dream custom designs while helping you fix them on one of the hundreds of assorted tank tops.

Besides uploading your preferred breathtaking design, the online company helps their clients design graphics and impressions, especially in circumstances where a buyer has concepts with no experience in design. With summer events like the epic music fest approaching, make your group stand out with their amazing designs.

Be a Trend-Setter With Custom Neon Tank Tops

The thrill about neon tank tops does not count on just having them, but also in the manner that their custom design match the wearer’s personality or the occasion specifically designed for it. The most important thing to do is describe to the experts the kind of tank top you need versus your personality or the occasion you have in mind.

This information goes a long way in bringing out your preferred style perfectly. The magic about custom neon tank tops proves that they appear cooler than they sound. With the vibrant and lively colors along with their fully customizable style and elegance, you could wear different outfits for every music festival this summer. With the creative attitude, that is both insanely unique and completely about you and your fashion intellect, visit the TheNeonSouth.com to help you design your custom neon tank tops, whether you want one for yourself or a couple for your group.

Summer Fashion Trends to Help Revamp Your Wardrobe

Jun 4, 2015 | | Say something

One thing that is very close to a lady’s heart is fashion. The beauty of fashion is that with the rights guidelines, it is possible to look smashing at a very low price. The most important thing is to know what is trending in the world of fashion and from there play around with it to create a masterpiece.

Summer Fashion for Women


This way it is possible to give one’s wardrobe a new look from time to time without necessarily spending a fortune. So below are just a few guidelines to ensure that this summer your outfit will not only be trendy but also stunning and outstanding.

Trending Colors

neon tank topsGenerally in the fashion world, old fashion trends that made headlines several decades ago are re-emerging and making quite a significant fashion statement. Bold and conspicuous colors are very stylish today. This includes luminous shades of green, orange and yellow. The summer sun enhances them making the person wearing them look bright and colorful.

Neon tops the list of the a-must-have shades it was popular in the 60’s and is now back with a bang! For those who feel it over conspicuous, it can be blended with shades of khaki, jungle green or glacier grey to tone it down. Other cool colors for summer include mellow yellow, Lucite green, aquamarine and for the daring ones tangerine and passionate red will be a lovely choice.

Striped Prints

The good thing about stripes is that depending on the direction they follow, horizontal or vertical, they can create a body shape illusion. Another advantage of stripped prints is that they are plain yet elegant. So a nice striped dress could be worn to the office and also be ideal for a semi-formal get together. A new trick to spice up this look is by mixing the strips. For instance a blend of vertical and horizontal strips or even multi-directional.

Revamping Old Outfits

The good thing about summer wear is that one gets to get away with some of the major fashion crimes. When you mention the word summer the word beach lurks nearby. Now in some regions, the sun scorches mercilessly so to avoid major sunburns it is important to try and cover up when going to the beach. Denim cut off paired with an old and oversized shirt would be perfect for a swim suit cover up.

Floral Patterns Floral Fashion for Women

Before the men start complaining about being neglected this is actually for you. Floral patterns may sound cliché but you can never go wrong with this. They are perfect for a beach look or even an informal party. But when doing floral patterns it is important to always remember the golden rule, never ever mix two floral prints if you choose to do a flowered trouser do a plain shirt.

Summer Accessories

No outfit is complete without accessories especially for summer fashion. This is one season that is cheerful and full of activities and hence everyone ought to keep up with the cheerful spirit by being colorful and lively. Accessories, when done well, do a pretty good job of achieving the colorful look. Pendants especially vestige ones bring life to an otherwise plain outfit. Another trending style is the wooded accessories a nice wooden watch is cute and yet simple enough to be worn to the office. Finally a hippie’s accessory is totally allowed during the summer season. Due to their bright colors, they are ideal for beach parties and festivals.

Best Places for Custom Tank Tops on the Web

Dec 29, 2014 | | Say something

Customizing your own tank tops used to be an impossible situation, but with the new technology and the power of the Internet, it is more than possible to do online. Just by using the right websites, you can have custom tank tops to be made with any design that you choose.

Customize Tank Tops Online

Whether you want to create a professional shirt for your business event or you perhaps you really just want to have customized tank tops for your family’s trip to Walt Disney World, you can easily make any type of apparel using the Internet. Discover these three unique websites that enable your to create your own custom tank tops with ease.

Uberprints.com Uber Prints Cusotm Tank tops

Uberprints is a unique online website that has been in existence since 2005. Being able to print out over 1 million shirts on a yearly basis, they have some of the best design services available. Their customer support staff is amazing, and their simple online editor makes it beyond easy to customize your own tank tops with ease.

Their delivery process is also very reliable since they can get products to you almost within 24-48 hours depending on the size of your order. Uberprints also has a wide range of shirts and not just tank tops, so this company is the way to go.

TheNeonSouth.com The Neon South Custom Tank Tops

The Neon South is another wonderful company who offers custom tank tops. Their specialty is that they actually have an added layer of flare in their custom tops, and the beautifully displayed options for custom neon-colored tank tops. They also make great pocket tank tops, which are a classic take. Their 100% cotton tops are comfortable and can actually attain designs in such a unique way. Their wide range of colors include neon green, mango, neon sky blue, pacific blue, anvil navy, and a wide range of neon colors.

The Neon Southneon tank top truly offers a unique set of customizable tank tops available for you to explore. Their price matching service is great, so if any other site offers you a better price for a similar design, they’ll be more than willing to give you that same price. The best part is that The Neon South already has unique designs ready for you, but if you want a unique custom design, they can actually do it for you so you don’t ever have to worry about trying so hard to make the design yourself. The Neon South is definitely one of the best companies in the industry for custom tank tops.


Spreadshirt.com allows you to upload any type of graphics into the photo, and if you want, the additional text you can add could help create that extra look in the shirt. With their current designs, you can easily create something out of their current graphics. With over 1,000,000 designs, you don’t ever have to worry about not having enough ideas. Custom Tank Tops Spreadshirt

With their flock and flex techniques for printing their shirts, along with their Digital Transfer and Direct techniques, you can choose which way you want to print the shirts to find out the best look. The designs at Spreadshirt.com are amazing because of how long they last on the shirts for so long.

If you ever want to get professional custom tank tops, use the sites above. They are all very great companies to help get you quality customized tank tops at an affordable rate.