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New Dimensional Weighing & Cubing Scanners Provide Affordable, Turn-Key Solutions

Sep 21, 2015 | | Say something

DimensionalWeighing.com, the new supplier in dimensioning systems, offers a complete line of dimensional weighing and cubing scanner systems that are the ideal turn-key solutions for varying levels of customers spanning from national logistics warehouses to local shipping centers.

Dimensional Weighing Cubing Scanner

These dimensioning systems offers some of the most dynamic capabilities. Featuring in-motion cubing systems for conveyors as well as large freight and pallet dimensioning systems, not are DimensionalWeighing.com’s solutions highly advanced, but most of them are turn-key systems that offer easy installation in most applications.

Seamless Integration

You can easily and quickly integrate these dimensioning and cubing scanner systems into any of your conveying systems in no time thanks to their industrial-grade design. So what are you waiting for? Visit the firm today and see for yourself what they have in store for you, and you won’t be disappointed at all. Reducing costs and increasing production has never been easier thanks to these turn-key in-motion cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment designed to automate your manifest and shipping system in no time.

Accurate Weighing Solutions

In-Motion Cubing ConveyorNot only they offer affordable, accurate dimensional weighing and cubingĀ technology, but also dimensioning systems that have parcel weighing and dimensioning in real time. You can easily integrate these systems with your existing shipping systems, and they can measure the dimensions of a parcel thanks to this system right away. Moreover, these system work with Microsoft Windows so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve. As you can see, they have what you need so take this service into consideration today.

Automation Capabilities

If you have been looking to automate your shipping and warehousing operations with cubing systems and dimensioning, as these systems offer high weighing functionality and accuracy. If you have many demanding applications that require high speed operations, these systems are ideal solutions for you as they have been designed with these things in mind. You can easily integrate this cubing system into your conveyor systems quickly and easily, or you can also use it as a standalone solution if you want to.


As you will have the power of sourcing replacement components locally, you will be very happy with our dimensional cubing and weighing systems. These systems use off-the-shelf parts so that you can get any component quickly and easily. The firm has avoided using proprietary controllers so that you can get what you need fast, which is one of the reasons why their customers love them. And they also offer cubing for inbound and freight manifests in real time as well as high accuracy/high speed shipping applications.Pallet Freight Dimensioning Systems

And you won’t have any problems dealing with DHL/USPS/FEDEX/UPS services because their systems can seamlessly work with them at all times. If you want dimensional cubing and weighing systems that combine affordable pricing as well as reliable, efficient dimensioning into a single unit, look no further as this company has what you need. So call them today and get what you want. And these systems are very accurate because of their sensors, which have been proven to be very reliable.

If you own a distribution or shipping center, these dimensional cubing and weighing systems are the ideal solutions for your operations. To learn more, visit DimensionalWeighing.com.

Advanced Third-Party Logistics Software & Technology Solutions

Mar 13, 2015 | | Say something

3pl softwareThere are many third-party logistics solutions utilized today, however it still requires an educated decision in finding the best software and technology help streamline your business’ third-party logistics (3PL) operations.

Today’s plethora of 3PL software solutions includes an extensive variety of cutting-edge platforms that are available for all types of companies. You need to keep your logistics operations clearly organized while leveraging third-party support, report, and communications that your business demands.

To help you shape the ideal perspective of the perfect 3PL software solution right for your company, below we hint at some of the primary features and capabilities to keep top of mind.

Tracking, Data Analysis, & Communication

It is crucial for your 3PL business to be able to track its inventory, orders, shipments, and other essential operations as they goes from one stage of the supply chain to the next. You need to keep tabs on this data to keep losses down and to ensure you know what is in your business’ possession plus what is available for sale or use. Your data can be essential and important to your work and must be calculated and factored the right way so nothing wrong can come out of whatever you want to do.

3PL software programs like that from JDA can assist you with modules like JDA Fleet Management to keep track of shipments, as well as JDA Freight Order Management to get in touch with suppliers to get all inbound shipments organized and ordered as soon as possible. These programs and others can keep you organized while ensuring that your orders and shipments are being tracked and communicated to vendors, and other interested parties.

See the video below about how Illinois-based warehousing and distribution company, United Facilities has leveraged the JDA software suite to expand the company’s roots to now offering 12 strategically positioned distribution centers nationwide.

Learn more about his advanced third-party logistics and supply chain solutions provider by visiting UniFac.com

Optimized Warehouse ManagementInterior large warehouse with freight stacked high.

The data in your warehouse can be important as well. This includes understanding not only how many materials you have to work with but also how they are being utilized. This can be important if you have raw materials that need to be converted into fresh products.

The right warehouse management program can help you keep track of the data that you want to use. You can use this type of warehouse management software to keep track of your products and to see that you are using them all in a responsible manner without being at risk of losing any more data than whatever you can afford to work with at a certain point.

Adaptability & Configuration

Sometimes the networks that you are going to work with can make a big difference. You can use third-party logistics technology to create networks that you know will be easy to facilitate and work with. You just have to make sure the right software programs are being used at a given time.

Transportation management programs and supply chain programs may be used to create networks that you know are appropriate for the needs your business might have. All of these programs can advance your business and the level of support that you have so it will not be too hard for you to get a setup ready.

Be sure to see how third-party logistics programs can help you make it easier for your company to facilitate your business’ needs. investing in third-party logistics services can help you get technology to figure out what you are doing within your business and what you have to do to keep your business data flowing and operating in a sensible and accurate manner. The programs that you can use from JDA will especially help you get more out of your needs when keeping your business running smoothly.