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Automatic vs. Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

May 27, 2016 | | Say something

strapping machine auto semi automatic Strapping machines make packaging an shipping much easier and automated for many different applications. With advancements in the technology for strapping machines and industrial automation systems, the marketplace have evolved to offer a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines.

These two types of strapping machines are ideal for certain types of applications. Therefore, it is important to know the differences between the automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines, and which applications are best for each type.

Determine The Desired Level of Automation

One of the primary differences is that the semi-automatic version requires someone to run it depending on the level of automation. This is because the machine needs to be controlled mainly using buttons so that it can work efficiently. The person controlling the machine will press the necessary switches when something needs to be packed and will also be the one controlling the number of items that will be strapped.

On the other hand, the automatic version can work even without anyone controlling it especially if it is fully automated. This is because the automatic strapping machines usually use sensors which detects when there is an item that needs to be strapped.

Strapping Machines: Speed & Size Matter

strapping machine strapack

Find strapping machines for sale, like the StraPack RQ-8, at WalzEQ.com.

Another significant difference is that the automatic version straps more items than the semi-automatic version over the same period of time. This is attributed to that the automatic version does not require to be controlled for it can work on its own. Therefore, there is no time wasted trying controlling it and therefore it straps more items.

This makes the automatic version ideal for companies and businesses that pack a lot of items which are significant small. This is because it would take a lot of time controlling the machine every time an item is to be strapped. The speed also makes the semi-automatic strapping machine ideal for strapping things which are relatively larger and do not require to be strapped in large numbers over a short time.

These larger units usually require being strapped more carefully and as a result the semi-automatic version is ideal since the person controlling it gets to see and control how the strapping is going on.

Cost vs. Performance vs. Maintenance

The semi-automatic strapping machines are also relatively cheaper than the automatic machines. This is mainly because more advanced technology is applied in the making of the automatic ones and as a result their price is higher. This applies even in maintenance where the automatic version requires higher level of maintenance to ensure it is running efficiently. Furthermore, the spare parts of the automatic version are also more expensive since they are more sophisticated.

However, the price and cost should not be a hindrance when it comes to selecting the most suitable version. This is because the choice should be made depending on the application. People strapping many small units should opt for the automatic version while those strapping relatively larger units should opt for the semi-automatic version.

Top 3 Envelope & Address Printers from Pitney Bowes

Apr 8, 2016 | | Say something

Envelope & Address Printers Pitney BowesWhen it comes to finding the right envelope and address printers that will meet your mailroom requirements, it is important that you find a brand that will provide you with quality equipment that offers exceptional operational performance and ongoing dependability for many years of use.

Pitney Bowes is a brand that is well-known for both high-end and entry-level mailing machines and equipments for business. On the more premium end of the spectrum, below we profile three high-end envelope and address printers from Pitney Bowes.

1. Pitney Bowes Print+ Messenger Color Inkjet System

The Print+ Messenger from Pitney Bowes is one of the most high-end envelope and address printers from Pitney Bowes. This machine can increase operational efficiency by printing high quality, color text and images on envelopes within your mail inserter.

The Pitney Bowes Print+ Messenger Color Inkjet System is also capable of avoiding reprinting of envelopes, and reducing envelope storage needs. The Print+ Messenger is basically designed to cater for the demand of large production volume of mail.Pitney Bowes Print+ Messenger Color Inkjet System


  • Uses dye inks that quickly dry and does not require a dryer
  • Consistent printing quality for variable applications that does not interfere with your workflow
  • Has automated service that minimizes the need to have an expertise with the inserter work cell
  • Has workflow tools such as soft proofing, remote job layout and job mail merge support


  • Letter or flats for mailpiece size
  • Empty envelope for thickness minimum
  • 1 inch for thickness maximum
  • 4.25 inches for image height
  • Has print speed of 24000 for 10 envelope
  • 600 by 600 dpi resolution

2. Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Addressing System

The DA95f AddressRight Addressing System from Pitney Bowes is an advanced envelope and address printer machine designed for durability with high operational performance. The machine is easy to set-up and use in all your printing requirements.Pitney Bowes DA95f AddressRight Addressing System

With handle thickness of up to half an inch, the DA95f AddressRight Addressing System allows one to increase mail piece thickness and greater flexibility. Easy sharing and transfer of files from the printer is enabled by the high speed USB and Ethernet connections. There is simplified and easier handling of media files by the durable slide mechanism. The machine can still be able to print USPS compliant bar-code with light mode printing on.


  • 30000 per hour printing speed
  • 600 by 600, 300 by 600, 150 by 600 printing resolution
  • 3.5” by 5” to 13” by 15.5”
  • 120 VAC 60Hz electrical requirement
  • Weighs 125 pounds
  • 750 copies feeder capacity

3. Pitney Bowes DA80f AddressRight Addressing System

Also from Pitney Bowes, and with a maximum printing speed of up to 22000 mail pieces per hour, the DA80f AddressRight Addressing System is designed to print bar-code, addresses and customized massages at a go. The system is capable of delivering precise imaging creation that increases profitability through operational efficiency and high response rates.Pitney Bowes DA80f AddressRight Addressing System

The Pitney Bowes DA80f AddressRight Addressing System can also work well with mail management software SmartMailer that can help you deliver important mail to your target clients without any errors. There is reduction in job time completion by up to 80% because of the quick head alignment.


  • 22000 copies per hour printing speed
  • 600 by 600, 300 by 600, 150 by 600 printing resolution
  • 3.5” by 5” to 14” by 15.5” media sizes
  • 18 by 17 by 18 size
  • Weighs 50 pounds
  • 120 VAC 60Hz electrical requirement

Depending on the nature of your business, you can always find the best mailing equipment at Pitney Bowes that will meet the needs and functionality of your mail-room. You should be able to get equipment that are cost effective in running your business and at the same time offer high operational performance.

SEO Tools & Services to Maximize Value as a Search Marketing Provider

Mar 15, 2016 | | Say something

seo tools for the winSearch marketer and SEO professionals leverage a wide range of tools and services to bring value and intelligence to the services they provide clients. However, may search marketing providers remain stuck on which tools and services are essential, and which are redundant. Below are three SEO tools and subscription services that will maximize your capabilities and value as a search marketing provider.

1. Blacklink Analysis Tools

Blacklink analysis tools are important and very powerful to assess a site’s backlink profile for SEO. They allow you to analyze the incoming links from a specific page, assess the link quality, study the link building strategy of your competitors, and improve your rankings.

You can use blacklink analysis tools to scan the links from a particular page and get the important statistics in the graphs and pie charts. The report will offer useful information involving: seo backlink analysis tools

  • Incoming Links of the page
  • Domain authority and PageRank values
  • Diverse statistics about blacklink type, anchor text, and link quality
  • Followed and No-Followed links as well as Internal and External links

In order to help you evaluate your current link building strategy and discover which keywords you are more likely to achieve high rankings, a complete anchor text analysis is performed on the the links. This is also essential ensure proper SEO link building techniques and avoiding over-optimization penalties. These tools provide a complete analysis of blacklinks including the anchor text of the links, the No-Follow status, and the OBL number of each link.

2. Yext

Yext is a provider of a feature-rich Digital Location Management solution that helps you leverage location-based technologies to direct foot traffic into your local stores. Yext provides an integrated GeoMarketing program cloud that allows marketers to manage the local content, store pages, listings, analytics, and campaigns. The main features of this location management platform include Power listings, Pages, and Xone.yext for seo

Power Listing: Yext cooperates with the most established and well-known search engines, directories, maps, and apps across the globe allowing you to leverage direct connections to publishers in Global Listing Network to get found.

Pages: You can create and manage pages for your every location on your own website and mobile applications at scale. Pages from Yext are designed according to SEO and for worldwide content delivery with reliable performance to increase your search engine visibility on the web.

Xone: this feature enables you to put information about your stores at the fingertips of your mobile visitors. You can manage all your Xones and the beacons that power them from a central place: Xone Manager.

The best thing about Yext for SEO is that it cleans-up a business’ information (citations) across over 55 well-known directories and social sites. This is critical for Google local 3-pack SEO and ensuring top placement in these prized search results. Visit Yext.com to learn more about this valuable SEO service.

3. Rank Reportingrank tracking seo services

Rank reporting tools allow you to track search rankings easily over time for a greater insight into how your SEO efforts affect your keyword position across major search engine. The features of these tools include:

  • Web ranking overview
  • Safe queries
  • Competitor identification and tracking
  • Flexible Report view
  • Scheduled reporting
  • International Search Engine Rankings

Some of the best rank reporting software includes: Rank Tracker (part of SEO Powersuite) and Moz, which also offers a number of other solid SEO tools.

3 Features That Define the Next Generation of Truck Scales

Dec 23, 2015 | | Say something

next generation truck scalesAs technology advances, truck scales are constantly under improvements. There are three specific features that define the next generation of truck scales. These are in-motion weighing, resilient design and construction, and software integration. Let’s look at what you can expect from this new generation of truck scales.

1. In-motion Weighing

In-motion weighing is not only an innovative feature, it is also a cost-effective option that will help you optimize your weighing processes. Weigh-in-motion truck scales improve efficiency for both you and truck drivers. In-motion weighing allows for the weighing of vehicles without the need of them stopping at a certain point. While they pass through a certain section of the road, they are weighed.

weigh in motion truck scales

The benefit of in-motion truck scales is that overloading is minimized. No truck will be able to avoid being weighed since the system is ingrained in the road. These types of scales are portable and can be installed in a few minutes. These advanced truck scales also measure the vehicle’s speed and the vehicle’s class. Once overloaded vehicles are kept off the road, the infrastructure is more protected and people’s safety in general is ensured to a certain extent. Collected data which is captured while the vehicle is in motion is very accurate making it an essential truck scale item that meets the highest of standards in the truck scale industry.

2. Resilient Construction truck scale weighbridge

A truck scale is worth nothing if it doesn’t withstand the trucks’ weight. For this reason, new truck scales are strongly built and are expected to last for many years to come. Truck scale manufacturers have to ensure the vehicles’ and the driver’s’ safety. For this reason, new and modern truck scales are built with top components making them a good investment in the long run. It will pay off many times over.

Some of the light-weight truck scales that are on sale in the market today are just as solid as permanent truck scales. What’s more surprising is that they can function in the harshest of conditions and have no need to be repaired. Calibration is also not needed. This shows the amazing resistance these scales have. They will be exposed to serious amounts of pressure, outside weather, etc. None of them will pose any risk for the scale’s survival. Most models are made up from either steel or aluminum.

3. Software Integration truck scale software

Gone are the days in which the data had to be collected manually. With truck scales featuring software integration, data can be saved and analyzed in no time. Data stored includes vehicle’s model, name of the driver, accumulated amount of total weighs, trucks’ serial numbers, data and time in which it was weighed, and other weigh records.

The usefulness of having software integration doesn’t stop there. Given that every process is automatized, monthly bills and payment can be sent or given easily to drivers who used the scale. All of this is known as a load management system. In short, the human labor component is eliminated making the process more economically efficient. Time is also saved as no manual info needs to be taken and no visual confirmation of the driver needs to be made.

All of these incredible features can be leveraged with truck scales offered by Walz Scale. To learn more about Walz Scale’s line-up of truck scales, visit WalzScale.com.

An Inside Look at Land Pride Lawn Mower Technology

Nov 25, 2015 | | Say something

Land Pride is recognized name when it comes to lawn mower technology. But beyond just lawn mowers, Land Pride has defined itself as a leader in rotary cutters, tillers, and various other attachments used for landscaping and earthmoving.

But what exactly makes Land Pride technology so prominent?Land Pride Mower Parts

In this article, we take an inside look at Land Pride lawn mower technology, and why so many consumers are opting for this reputable brand.

Land Pride Mower Tech Spec

Land Pride lawn mowers have some amazing specifications that make them effective machines for any mowing job. Whether it is a commercial or a private mowing job, these mowers will give you perfect results without breaking a sweat. Here are some of the key specs you can benefit from when using these lawn mowers:

  • Cutting height: Each of the available mowing machines comes with a balanced cutting height in the right increments for the perfect cutting height variation control. You can therefore mow your grass in different heights based on your specific needs and designs.
  • Perfect outer drive tire bearing: This is perfectly designed to give excellent stability when mowing different types of grounds including those that are hilly and uneven. The spec also makes it easy to maneuver the lawn mower without any complications.
  • Adjustable steering levers: The wide ranges of adjustable levers come with comfortable grip handles which makes it possible to accommodate different sizes of operators. The grips make it easy for operators to enjoy sustained productivity and greater comfort while mowing.
  • Rapid deck height modification: You can easily and quickly adjust the precise cutting height using the foot operated adjustments which come with spring support deck lift and stop locator.
  • Easy drain deck top: The deck is designed to allow debris and air to circulate across the top thus improving the belt cooling and uncomplicated clean out.

Long-lasting Reputation of Land Pride Lawn Mowers

Land Pride mowers also have maximum stability, increased leg room and easy service access which makes them convenient for use on any kind of a ground. With a zero turn degree turning angle, it is always easy to mow along buildings, fences and other tight angles without hitting anything with the machines rear end. The mowers have an extended engine life, thanks to the increased air circulation around the engine fins.

However, when repairs are needed, it’s easy to find replacement Land Pride mower parts and blades because of the sheer popularity and high demand for these products. Different models of Land Pride are equipped with sufficient fuel capacity which allows for plenty operating range with decreased down time. All the fuel caps are not vented and are EPA approved for safety guarantees.

The fuel caps are also mounted at the center and placed inboard for protection from damages. This also helps prevent fuel overflow spillage once the mower is on an incline position. Land Pride lawn mowers are the perfect machines for the perfect mowing job.

Land Pride Mowers: Ideal for Many Applications

When you want to keep your yard neat and well manicured, choosing the best lawn mower is definitely one of the most important parts to consider. There are many different types of lawn mowers in the market but undoubtedly, Land Pride lawn mowers are some of the best you can find for different types of jobs. Land Pride also offers a ton of finishing mowers and related attachments for those looking to complete their tractor package.

There are many benefits you can reap from the use of lawn mowers from Land Pride and these are made possible by the unique specifications that come with the machines. Whether you are looking for an effective machine to mow a ranch, rural acreage, estate, residential compound, farms and a sport complex, Land Pride lawn mowers will give you the best options possible to do an excellent job for less.

5 Neopost Postage Machines for High Volume Mailing Systems

Oct 6, 2015 | | Say something

neopost usa postage mailing machinesPostage machines from Neopost USA are a great choice if you’re looking for both entry-level and advanced postage machine products. Neopost USA is a trusted name in the industry of postage and mailing machine products, spanning from high volume address printers to simple postage meters and machines.

Neopost USA IN-750

The Neopost USA IN-750 is an entry-level address printer that is very simple to operate. The IN-750 can process a whopping 175 letters per minute. In order to save you even more time, the handy touch screen has several shortcuts available so you can quickly initiate any desired task. If the touch screen is not your cup of tea, you always have the option of plugging in a keyboard.neopost usa mailing machines postage

As one of the most functional postage and mailing machines, The Neopost USA IN-750 easy to process packages of various different sizes. You can view every package you process online, which makes matters easier when tracking shipments.

Neopost USA IN-700

One of the better postage machines if ease of use and user friendliness are your primary concerns. Because of the way it’s set up, it’s very easy to process packages of various different sizes. This postage machine has the capacities needed in order to process even 140 letters every minute.

In order to expedite the process, there are several shortcut keys available to quickly initiate any task of your choice. The product also comes with an online app that enables shipment tracking. It’s bundled with powerful analytics software so you can view various different statistics to your heart’s content.

Neopost USA IN-600 HF neopost postage mailing machines

The Neopost USA IN-600 AF comes with a power-assisted hand feeder and a moistener device, which makes package processing a lot easier. With it, you’ll be able to process as much as 75 letters every minute. Due to its versatility, it’s one of the better choices for office mail.

With the Neopost USA IN-600 AF, you’ll receive a free business app that makes calculating business-related expenses a breeze. Thanks to its powerful built-in analytics system, you’ll quickly be able to track postage usage down to a specific department.

If your marketing focuses on personalization, you’ll be delighted to know that this postage machine enables you to print custom messages, slogans, QR codes, or even company logos.

Neopost USA IN-360 in-360 postage machines neopost

If you want your office operations to run as smoothly as possible, think about this model, as its without a doubt one of the most versatile postage machines. It can only process 45 letters every minute, but makes up for it in other features, like departmental accounting and an integrated scale with different capacities.

You also get a Rate Wizard software that makes selecting the correct postage rates very straightforward. You can also analyze statistics, generate reports, and track shipments through a dedicated online app. This particular postage machine also allows for personalization. Furthermore, it enables you to create a customized shipping label in just a few steps.

Neopost USA IM-330 im 330 neopost mailing machine

The Neopost USA IM-330 is one of the best postage machines for your workplace. It’s accurate, versatile, and will likely last you for years to come. It can only process 35 letters in 60 seconds, but features an automatic thickness adjustment to make up for it. It makes life simple when selecting the right rate and class thanks to its Commercial Rates app that comes bundled with it.

You can also manage and track shipments online. If your company directs its marketing efforts towards personalization, you will be happy to know that this particular model enables printing custom slogans, QR codes, and even company logos. Finally, you have the option to take advantage of the TotalFunds app for all your postage replenishment needs.

New Dimensional Weighing & Cubing Scanners Provide Affordable, Turn-Key Solutions

Sep 21, 2015 | | Say something

DimensionalWeighing.com, the new supplier in dimensioning systems, offers a complete line of dimensional weighing and cubing scanner systems that are the ideal turn-key solutions for varying levels of customers spanning from national logistics warehouses to local shipping centers.

Dimensional Weighing Cubing Scanner

These dimensioning systems offers some of the most dynamic capabilities. Featuring in-motion cubing systems for conveyors as well as large freight and pallet dimensioning systems, not are DimensionalWeighing.com’s solutions highly advanced, but most of them are turn-key systems that offer easy installation in most applications.

Seamless Integration

You can easily and quickly integrate these dimensioning and cubing scanner systems into any of your conveying systems in no time thanks to their industrial-grade design. So what are you waiting for? Visit the firm today and see for yourself what they have in store for you, and you won’t be disappointed at all. Reducing costs and increasing production has never been easier thanks to these turn-key in-motion cubing systems and dimensional weighing equipment designed to automate your manifest and shipping system in no time.

Accurate Weighing Solutions

In-Motion Cubing ConveyorNot only they offer affordable, accurate dimensional weighing and cubing technology, but also dimensioning systems that have parcel weighing and dimensioning in real time. You can easily integrate these systems with your existing shipping systems, and they can measure the dimensions of a parcel thanks to this system right away. Moreover, these system work with Microsoft Windows so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve. As you can see, they have what you need so take this service into consideration today.

Automation Capabilities

If you have been looking to automate your shipping and warehousing operations with cubing systems and dimensioning, as these systems offer high weighing functionality and accuracy. If you have many demanding applications that require high speed operations, these systems are ideal solutions for you as they have been designed with these things in mind. You can easily integrate this cubing system into your conveyor systems quickly and easily, or you can also use it as a standalone solution if you want to.


As you will have the power of sourcing replacement components locally, you will be very happy with our dimensional cubing and weighing systems. These systems use off-the-shelf parts so that you can get any component quickly and easily. The firm has avoided using proprietary controllers so that you can get what you need fast, which is one of the reasons why their customers love them. And they also offer cubing for inbound and freight manifests in real time as well as high accuracy/high speed shipping applications.Pallet Freight Dimensioning Systems

And you won’t have any problems dealing with DHL/USPS/FEDEX/UPS services because their systems can seamlessly work with them at all times. If you want dimensional cubing and weighing systems that combine affordable pricing as well as reliable, efficient dimensioning into a single unit, look no further as this company has what you need. So call them today and get what you want. And these systems are very accurate because of their sensors, which have been proven to be very reliable.

If you own a distribution or shipping center, these dimensional cubing and weighing systems are the ideal solutions for your operations. To learn more, visit DimensionalWeighing.com.

Does Your Company Need Business IT & Computer Network Support?

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Business IT and computer network support can be considered an obligatory part of organizations that depend on digital communication systems, computers, and online information exchange in their day to day operations. Here are basic considerations that organizations needing these types of services should to ask when researching business IT and computer network support companies.

Cornerstones to Business IT & Computer Network Solutions

First of all, organizations should look for IT consulting companies that have had prior experience with companies of similar size and in the similar if not the same industry. This will almost guarantee that the IT company can predict your company’s technology issues and needs, and more importantly how to solve them.Business IT computer network support

Organizations should also know beforehand if the IT company has relationships with any specific vendor that may hinder it to act against the best interests of the organization itself. An organization should also look for credentials to check if the company is certified in engaging in the work they are offering to do.

Checking the IT support consulting company’s portfolio where they show their past works and successes is also a proof of what the organization can expect to get from the IT services being offered. Even when the IT company seems like the right choice according to the above criteria, the organization should always check and personally call references to confirm that this is the case.

Also key to sufficient business IT and computer network support services, it’s important for the IT company staff to have good interpersonal skills so communication will flow swiftly between the two parties to ensure a successful end result. Last and definitely not least, the IT company should be known for its ethical code of conduct. An organization will be trusting its inner information to the IT provider which means that it has to hire only those IT consultants which have a proven record of ethical behavior.

Vital Systems for Optimal Business Performance

There are many systems and technologies that can improve an organization’s operations and overall business performance. Here are some of them: business it support strategy

1. The Cloud

The organization will have unlimited space to save its data in the cloud. This data will be protected by encoding and password management which will be supervised by the IT company.

2. Encryption

As a business IT facet to data protection and security, encrypted data is converted from an unsecured form to a secure one so only the party or parties that are supposed to have access to it when transactions or operations happen will have access to it.

3. Remote Support

An IT company will have remote support available for the client. Without needing to go physically to the organization, IT staff can solve many issues from their current location. This provides agility when solving any problem that may arise.

4. Network Access Control

This system is aimed at keeping hackers and malware from entering into the system. It protects both the network as a whole and each individual computer or system.

5. Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network allows communication only between the company’s staff. This is vital for many companies that depend on efficient communications on web-based interaction.

6. Data Backup Services

With IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service, an organization can rent space for both security and backup to ensure documents and other valuable info won’t be loss in the case of a power down or a cyber attack.

Other Advantages to Hiring an IT Support Consulting Company

Along with optimal business functioning, an IT company can also help in reducing cost by means of sharing both hardware and software resources. An organization can also save in terms of salaries, employee benefits, and certain taxes when hiring an external IT company. Due to the vast experience an IT consulting company many have, deployment will be much quicker and a business can resume its operations faster in case of a technological emergency.

3 Highly Advanced Axle Scales for Trucks

Jun 29, 2015 | | Say something

axle scales trucksThere are different types of axle scales for trucks, but some are more advanced than others. Depending on the specific applications in which the desired axle scale is to be used, some operators prefer more comprehensive axle scale systems for greater efficiency, versatility, and in-depth data analysis. Below we delve into some of the most advanced axle scales for trucks that are currently leading the industry.

AXW-Series Axle Scales

This axle scale is designed and constructed to provide high accuracy and provide dynamic or in-motion weighing capabilities. It is a product of AgWeigh who are specialists in making scales.It is made up of 2 scale pads, digital weight indicators, rechargeable battery, a printer, axle capacity of 60,000 Lbs and ramps.

axle scale 60 ton

It is very unique since it is able to measure loads on a truck while it is in motion. One just need to drive on the scale at speed of around 3 mph and the scale takes the weight on each axle of the truck and then provide the total vehicle weight. Its integrated printer prints the results of each axle and the total weight.

This makes it very convenient and can be very effective in weighing bridges since the trucks don’t have to stop to be measured. It’s light weight aluminum design make it very portable which is an added advantage. It is a very advanced scale that guarantees a person high level of accuracy, durable and very dynamic.

AX-900 Axle Scales

The AX-900 Axle is another good axle scales for trucks. It is a product of Intercomp Company. It is more advanced to handle 100,000 Lbs. It has an accuracy of plus or minus 1%. It has in-motion weighing capabilities. Its main feature is the integrated wireless technology.

This particular axle scale is cable free operation makes it unique which is achieved by embedded radios thus achieving wireless communication to various devices. Therefore all the readings from a truck can be synchronized to another system could it be an ERP system in a particular company.

For example, if a company want to record the weights in an a database, the scale can communicate in a wireless way with a computer device and records the reading. However, it is flexible since the wireless functionality can be disabled and a cable is used instead. Therefore, it is a good axle for companies that value wireless devices and depend on gathering axle weight and gross total weight in a quick and accurate way.

AXHD-Series Portable Axle Scales

axle scale systemThis scale has also in-motion capabilities. It has a low profile design whereby it is constructed with a 5 inch profile height. This means the truck will access and exit the scale platforms easily. Some of its uniqueness include its heavy duty load cells that makes it very durable and provides superior performance. These load cells reduces the number of load cells required in every axle scale.

Addition key feature is its AX portable terminal which provides both the AC and battery power thus providing portability operation. Moreover, it has the ability to connect to multiple peripheral devices such as ticket printer and driver kiosk system.

This enables unmanned operation and weight data management at the axle scale site. It can be even integrated with an app on a persons smartphone for data management. This makes it one of the most advanced axle scales for trucks.

To learn more about advanced axle scales for trucks, or see some of these axle scale systems, visit www.walzscale.com/axle-scales. Here you’ll find a comprehensive selection of some of the most advanced systems for heavy-duty weighing.

Advanced Third-Party Logistics Software & Technology Solutions

Mar 13, 2015 | | Say something

3pl softwareThere are many third-party logistics solutions utilized today, however it still requires an educated decision in finding the best software and technology help streamline your business’ third-party logistics (3PL) operations.

Today’s plethora of 3PL software solutions includes an extensive variety of cutting-edge platforms that are available for all types of companies. You need to keep your logistics operations clearly organized while leveraging third-party support, report, and communications that your business demands.

To help you shape the ideal perspective of the perfect 3PL software solution right for your company, below we hint at some of the primary features and capabilities to keep top of mind.

Tracking, Data Analysis, & Communication

It is crucial for your 3PL business to be able to track its inventory, orders, shipments, and other essential operations as they goes from one stage of the supply chain to the next. You need to keep tabs on this data to keep losses down and to ensure you know what is in your business’ possession plus what is available for sale or use. Your data can be essential and important to your work and must be calculated and factored the right way so nothing wrong can come out of whatever you want to do.

3PL software programs like that from JDA can assist you with modules like JDA Fleet Management to keep track of shipments, as well as JDA Freight Order Management to get in touch with suppliers to get all inbound shipments organized and ordered as soon as possible. These programs and others can keep you organized while ensuring that your orders and shipments are being tracked and communicated to vendors, and other interested parties.

See the video below about how Illinois-based warehousing and distribution company, United Facilities has leveraged the JDA software suite to expand the company’s roots to now offering 12 strategically positioned distribution centers nationwide.

Learn more about his advanced third-party logistics and supply chain solutions provider by visiting UniFac.com

Optimized Warehouse ManagementInterior large warehouse with freight stacked high.

The data in your warehouse can be important as well. This includes understanding not only how many materials you have to work with but also how they are being utilized. This can be important if you have raw materials that need to be converted into fresh products.

The right warehouse management program can help you keep track of the data that you want to use. You can use this type of warehouse management software to keep track of your products and to see that you are using them all in a responsible manner without being at risk of losing any more data than whatever you can afford to work with at a certain point.

Adaptability & Configuration

Sometimes the networks that you are going to work with can make a big difference. You can use third-party logistics technology to create networks that you know will be easy to facilitate and work with. You just have to make sure the right software programs are being used at a given time.

Transportation management programs and supply chain programs may be used to create networks that you know are appropriate for the needs your business might have. All of these programs can advance your business and the level of support that you have so it will not be too hard for you to get a setup ready.

Be sure to see how third-party logistics programs can help you make it easier for your company to facilitate your business’ needs. investing in third-party logistics services can help you get technology to figure out what you are doing within your business and what you have to do to keep your business data flowing and operating in a sensible and accurate manner. The programs that you can use from JDA will especially help you get more out of your needs when keeping your business running smoothly.