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Top 3 Bush Hog Finishing Mowers for High-End Landscapers

Mar 9, 2015 | | Say something

Bush Hog is an industry leader in the landscaping and lawncare equipment industry. Bush Hog have been trusted for producing quality equipment and lawn mowers for both do-it-yourselfers and lawn care professionals. While the company manufactures several models of Bush Hog mowers, the brand offers some of the most reputable and high quality finishing mowers that are excellent choices for high-end landscapers.

Bush Hog Finishing Mower

The Bush Hog makes a variety of finishing mowers that are suitable for all kinds of projects. Whether you are a landscaper that handles lawns and smaller properties or you need a mower that can take on a golf course or city park, Bush Hog finishing mowers offer the best results on a consistent basis. They are easy to maintain and provide top notch service, as there are many trusted suppliers of Bush Hog finishing mower parts online.

High-end landscapers must have the right equipment to provide their customers with unsurpassable results. Customer satisfaction is the key to job security for landscapers, so making sure you have the right equipment is imperative in your overall success.

Top-Rated 3 Bush Hog Finishing Mowers

RDTH Bush Hog Finishing Mowers

The RDTH Bush Hog finishing mowers offer a cutting height from one-half to six-and-a-half inches. Available in 60-inch and 72-inch models, they consistently provide an even cut that is smooth and provides a cut that is uniform even on terrain that is not even. With rear discharge, the RDTH Bush Hog finishing mower has high blade tip speeds that stop streaking of the lawn. It is easy to adjust the cutting height on the closed box design mower. MSRP $2,800 and up.

ATH900 Bush Hog Finishing Mowers

With a 90-inch cutting range, this side discharge Bush Hog mower offers a perfectly manicured lawn even when the conditions are damp and grass is thick. The ATH900 Bush Hog finishing mower offers parallel uplift blades that are designed to lift grass in order to provide a cleaner cut. It features an air tunnel style design that can handle large volumes of clippings. MSRP $4,000 and up.

Tri-Deck Bush Hog Finishing Mowers

These heavy duty Bush Hog mowers are designed to cover large areas, such as golf courses, parks and recreational areas. Tri-deck finishing mowers from Bush Hog are available from 11-foot to 17-foot cutting widths. They have 6-inch deck overlaps and feature high blade speeds that prevent streaking. Hydraulically raised decks offer easy transport and faster servicing. MSRP $7,800 and up.

All Bush Hog finishing mowers are designed to offer an attractive, even cut on all kinds of terrain, including areas that are uneven. The American made mowers are high quality and well made, providing years of quality service. They provide value for the dollar and designed to work with a variety of different tractors. Choosing the right cut is also important because a larger cut can save you a lot of time if you handle larger areas. A larger cut is not good in smaller areas.

When it comes to finishing mowers that provide superior results, you can rely on the line from Bush Hog. As an industry leader, they work hard to stay up with the latest technological advances, so they have the most current equipment out there so they can meet the needs of more customers. When it comes to providing high end services, you need high end equipment.

New Load Scanner Takes Payload Management to the Next-Level

Jan 20, 2015 | | Say something

The new volume load scanner system by Walz offers a comprehensive and accurate in-motion volumetric scanning solution that’s fast and simple to install and operate. If you’re interested in best-in-class load scanner technology, then look no further than latest Walz Load Scanner technology which is one of the best payload management and large-scale weighing solution.load scan imagery

Applicable to multitude of industries, this volumetric load scanner offers you real-time load volumes for in-motion trucks. Spanning from mining companies and resource aggregates to waste management and road construction, the load scanning system delivers world-class load scan technology suitable for wide range of applications. load scanner mounted

Standard Features of the Load Scanner

  • World-Class Technology
  • In-Motion Load Scanning Capability
  • Volumetric Systems
  • High Definition Load Images
  • Simple Setup of Platform
  • Low Maintenance Scanner Technology

How the Walz Volumetric Load Scanner Works?

This highly sophisticated system consists of a laptop or PC, 3D laser scanners and mounting hardware. The technology used in the load scanner has been developed to provide an affordable and highly accurate solution to customers interested in minimal setup costs and lower maintenance costs. You can see more by visiting the official site of the Walz Load Scanner at LoadScanner.com.

truck load scanner

The Volumetric Scanner system uses its very own Payload Pro Operating System. It’s an easy to use software platform that has real-time data and reporting capabilities to managers and operators and helps them effectively and efficiently manage their truck loads. Compatible on virtually all types of mobile devices and computers, operators can easily leverage the tools and capabilities of Payload Pro to track, monitor, and manage load scan data.

With the Volumetric Truck Load Scanner from Walz, operators will be able to view high definition 3D images of their truck loads. First, the trucks are scanned by the Volumetric Load Scanner while they’re empty. These scans are saved in the system. Once these trucks are loaded, the Volumetric Load Scanner system will again scan and calculate the actual carried volume of load. This is achieved by comparing the loaded scans with the stored empty scans in the system.

An Affordable Load Scanner System load scanner image

Walz Volume Load Scanner is an affordable payload management system as compared to other options available on the market, such as heavy-duty weighbridges and portable truck scales. In some cases, installing a load scanner system can cost less than half the cost of heavy-duty weighbridges while making your job site more simplistic, efficient and organized. This scanner needs minimal maintenance as compared to truck scale alternatives, minimizing costly repair and re-calibration costs.

Accurate Calculations

In operations where’s load’s cubic volume is the target metric, the Walz load canner delivers a accurate and reliable measurement that you can use. Unlike other types of valuation and payload management, the Walz scanner minimizes variables and uncertainties in compaction, moisture content and load variation. All in all, the Walz Volumetric Load Scanner system provides highly accurate volume calculations and completely eliminates any need for old school methodologies such as counting truck loads of simply guessing!

Optimized Efficiency and Throughput system integration

The Walz Volume Load Scanner system can be easily installed on your site and can start operating on the same day. Once in operation, it can make calculations just in seconds, and data can also be accessed remotely in real-time using company’s advanced software solutions. It is accessible from various types of mobile devices and computers and operators can easily manage the processes and access all payload data through highly intuitive Payload Pro platform.

If automated load management and optimizing processes is your primary objective, then the Walz Volumetric Load Scanner is the best possible solution.

Remove Viruses From Your Computer Remotely

Jan 8, 2015 | | Say something

There is no stagnation of technological advancements and it can only be expected that new innovations and possibilities will be discovered. The latest trend sees remote access and control of computers to enable desktop sharing, file transfer and application access among others.  remote virus removal

Users can now remotely control their PCs and servers from anywhere in the world provided there is internet connection and this communication has been approved by both parties. What’s more, remote control can now be used to facilitate delivery of services such as upgrading, repair and maintenance among other IT involvements.

From remote virus removal to authentication, signing, approving, monitoring and tracking of changes, remote control simply offers a new platform of possibilities. Let’s dive right in.

How Remote Virus Removal Works

After installing remote control software like Team Viewer or any other product of choice, a user ID and password will be generated to every computer this package is installed. The company handling this malware elimination can then access your computers by logging in the IDs and controlling revival applications and procedures.

Most licensed remote virus removal companies that specialize in removing viruses also have these packages installed in their servers and computers. However, they can use online services to access and control remote computers without having to install the specific program on their computers.

Remove Viruses & Malware Remotely

Computer virusViruses and malware applications attack computers and internet accessing devices from time to time. They are almost impossible to elude and can result in devastating losses especially if it is an ecommerce site that crushes or is made more vulnerable. Whenever viruses attack your machine, immediate elimination and restoration of affected files is needed. This may mean buying new antiviruses, installing improved levels of security licenses and algorithms among other things.

Usually, security companies offering solutions for PC and server owners or businesses handle malware and virus removal. However, remote computer control allows this to be accomplished without their physical presence in your establishment. The experts simply remotely access your computers and servers from their workstations. This is only possible after installing certain remote control software packages that allow such access.

Benefits & Advantages of Going Remote

The advantages of remote computer technologies are quite bold and clear. From convenience to security, time saving and reduced cost, this possibility has many benefits. Users can contract companies from anywhere in the world and have all viruses removed immediately without having to wait.

It is however important to only contract expert licensed virus and malware removers who can guarantee high quality services. Remote elimination of viruses also requires comprehensive assessment of security to bar companies from accessing confidential files and memories. Nonetheless, this technology allows continued support from the experts and it is much better than chats, forums and other tech-support platforms.