Walz Scale: A Global Leader in Advanced Weighing Systems

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Walz Scale is well-known as the world’s most reputable and reliable supplier of industrial truck scales and precision weighing systems. For over five decades, Walz has continued to offer best-in-class weighing solutions to various companies across the globe. walz scale truck scales

Additionally, Walz Scale is also one of the largest service providers for scale calibration and maintenance. The company offers a number of cutting-edge weighing systems, such as mining scale systems, load volume scanner systems, portable axle scales, and on-board truck scales and weighing systems.

Mining Scales

The mining scales allow high volume mining operations to efficiently and effectively leverage easy-to-use payload scale systems on mining operations’ trucks so as to deliver verifiable and precise weights. Further, it enables target payloads to be accurately determined and managed across the fleet of mining operations’ truck, thus, reducing operational costs while increasing production.on-board mining truck scales

Walz Scale offers mining scales in a variety of configurations to suit your fleet of haul trucks. There are also permanent as well as portable mining scales to meet the requirements of your site. Walz mining scales work with an advanced data collection and reporting functionality that allows mining sites to monitor and supervise their weight data over an existing wireless network.

Load Volume Scanners

The load volume scanner systems are another product from Walz Scale that are fast, accurate and easy to install and use. The load volume scanner system makes weighing extremely simple because it incorporates the best-in-class load scanner technology.load scanner

Though not considered as exactly a scale unit, Walz Scale developed the load scanner as an affordable alternative to heavy-duty truck scales. This is the perfect load scanner system for those searching for a cost-effective, yet efficient solution to calculating load volumes.

Portable Axle Scales

Portable Axle ScalesPortable axle scales are another easy weighing option provided by Walz Scale as alternatives to the larger truck scales. Hordes of farmers are turning to these portable axle scales because they help farmers to quickly weigh harvest loads. They are not just robust, these scales are also reputed for their incredible portability, and thus, they can employed in different locations.

On-board Truck Scales

Walz Scales also carriers on-board truck scales that make it possible for high volume weighing operations to track or determine the weights of their vehicles, thus, effectively eliminating the risk of paying overload fines. You can also rely on these on-board weigh scales for trucks as they are extremely durable. They come with a hydraulic pressure system, thus, guaranteeing precise measurement of weights.on-board truck scales

You can’t go wrong with the level of efficiency offered by these scales from Walz. They are also easy to install. This way, producers can do the installation without a hassle.

From the foregoing, there is no doubt that Walz Scale is the go-to company for onsite services, industrial truck scales, calibration, and many other weighing systems for retail, freight, shipping and many more.

Ranging from wheel weighers and heavy duty axle scales to floor scales and pallet jack scales, Walz Scale provides a broad range of top-of-the-line weighing solutions suitable for very many needs and applications. Be it agriculture and farming, or resource aggregation and waste management, the load management solutions that Walz Scale has surpass the expectations of many industry leaders.

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